Lesson 1: Computers All Around Us

Computing Fundamentals
Module A
Unit 1: Recognizing Computers
Lesson Topic
Computers All Around Us
Elements of a Personal Computer
Working with Storage Systems
Using Input/Output Devices
Basic Troubleshooting Techniques
Buying a Computer
Looking at Software
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Lesson 1: Computers All Around Us
• Personal Computer
• Notebook or Laptop
• Tablet
Personal Digital Assistant
Pocket PC
Cellular Phones
Other Electronic Computing Devices
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Identifying Computers
• Integrated in our work, home, and social environments
• Perform a multitude of tasks
• Many organizations have combination of large and small
systems to manage flow of information
• Computers can be:
− Designed specifically as computing devices
− Embedded in products
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Desktop Computers
• Called personal computers
• Sit on, beside, or under desk
• Process data quickly
• Typically used in small businesses, schools, and homes.
• Generally two types
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Notebooks or Laptop Computers
• Advantages
− Portability
− Power consumption considered “greener” alternative
− Can purchase accessories to enhance enjoyment and experience
PC Notebook
Mac Notebook
• Netbook
− Similar to notebook but smaller and less expensive
− Designed to handle wireless communications or access to
Internet only
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• Similar to notebook for portability and connection to data
• Screen can swivel or fold over
• Uses touch screen capability for data entry
− With finger, pen device, or built-in keyboard
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Hand-held or Mobile Computers
• Cellular phones more sophisticated and can include:
− playing and listening to music
− taking pictures or video
− text messaging
− paging
− e-mail
− accessing the Internet
− global navigation systems (GPS)
• Cost varies with number of features and capabilities
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Hand-held or Mobile Computers
• Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
− Specific software helps make appointments, keep contact lists, or
write notes
− Very popular for portability and software
− Can be main computing device
• Incorporates touch screen technology
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Hand-held or Mobile Computers
• MP3 refers to file type for music to be recognized on audio
• Media player enables viewing of movies, videos, or books
− Provide audio and visual capabilities or access to Internet
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Hand-held or Mobile Computers
• Game systems
− Embedded computing chip that enables individual to
play interactive games with video technology
− Many come with option to link to Internet
• Electronic book reader
− Special computing device designed with software program to
download and view electronic copy of published work
− Can find software to read book on PDA or media player
• Calculators
− Use same type of chips in computers to perform same calculations
− Computer is really very large and advanced calculator that
performs tasks based on binary computations of 1 or 0
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Other Types of Computers
• Equipment to diagnose
automobile problems
• Automated Teller
Machines (ATMs)
• Point-of-sale machines
• Global Positioning Satellite
• Robotics
• Medical equipment
• Small home appliances
• Each type of equipment
has embedded computer
chip to enable it to perform
specific task
− Often your identity must be
validated with card that
opens connection to
database of information
− Equipment failures usually
result of computer chip
needing to be replaced or
• Large home appliances
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