Clinical Engagement EMIS Web

Clinical Leadership
EMIS Web- for Children Community
and Mental Health.
Karen King
Clinical Advisor
My Background
Nurse/Health Visitor joined NHS 1980
EMIS user since 1993 joined NUG Committee 1998
Trust Board Nurse
Vice Chair of Professional Executive Committee
Service Improvement Manager
Clinical Advisor CfH (HealthSpace)
Strategic Health Authority Clinical Lead for IT
Joined EMIS in July 13
Nursing Informatics
Began with “I want one of those.”
EMIS on my desk.
Korner returns using EMIS template
EMIS National User Group Committee for 10 years
Nursing Informatics- Locally, Regionally, Nationally
Clinical Safety Officer for West Midlands Region.
Commissioned by Department Of Health to scope HV
 National Nursing Informatics Strategic Taskforce
(NNIST) NAHPIST for therapists.
 Leadership for Informed Practice
EMIS on the Way to a Paperless NHS
“ Taking the Hassle out of Health care”;
Electronic Records
Sharing records
Patients can access records on line
Online booking of appointments
NHS 2013
 Bigger Paper Notes
 Bags on wheels to
carry them
 Paper diaries
 Paper copies of British
National Formulary
 Paper leaflets
 Paper Red Book
 33lbs of Equipment.
Two Worlds
4 Ms
 Management
 Measurement
 Markets
 Marketing
6 Cs
 Care
 Compassion
 Competence
 Communication
 Courage
 Committment
Clinical Record is Key.
The aim is to make
Good quality
sure that
electronic clinical
information is
records are the
collected as a
foundations of good
by‐product of
quality data.
operational systems”
Lord Darzi 2008
“do the sick no harm." - Florence Nightingale.
EMIS Clinical Safety Officer
Pippa Gascon Crossley –
“the very first requirement in a
hospital that it
should do the sick no harm." Florence Nightingale
ISB 0129 compliant
Clinical Safety
ISB 0160 (DSCN 18/2009)
Standards for Users/ Organisations
Organisations Must have Clinical Safety Officer
Opportunities for Clinicians
 Clinical Safety Officer
 Chief Clinical Information Officer CCIO Campaign
 Clinical Leads for informatics within organisations
 Expert users
 Networks eg. Twitter karenking13
 Join a user group, Local, National.
National EMIS User Group
 EMIS Web Children Community and Mental Health
User Group
 Get involved - leadership
 What would help to support users ?
 Social Media possibilities ?
Facebook, Twitter, Line......
Nurse Technology Fund
Announced last year for bids in April 2014.
£100 million Nurse Technology Fund.
. “a combination of technologies to help reduce
administration” and help nurses and midwives to
spend more time with patients.
Opportunities ????
Ada Lovelace
 15th October- Ada Lovelace Day to raise the profile
of women in Maths, Science, Computing and
 Daughter of Lord Byron
 Schooled in Mathematics and Science
 Mother of Computing
 Worked with Charles Babbage on the analytical
engine 1842
 Saw the potential for computers to go further than
number crunching!!!!
Any Questions ?????
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