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• The Progressive Movement was initiated as a
response to political and corporate abuses at the
turn of the Twentieth Century.
• Religious groups, members of the press, and radical
political groups all wanted reform, all with different
• President Theodore Roosevelt supported the
movement by embracing environmental
conservation. (
• Because of the working law reforms during the time
of the movement there is now safe and clean
conditions in work places.
• Education levels increased.
• The Pure Food and Drug administration was
established. (
• Woman gained the right to vote.
It created the Federal Reserve
Significant increases in immigration
The proliferation of labor unions
Sheppard - Towner Act of 1921 is considered the
precursor to the modern-day abortion issue.
• Women in the Progressive Era achieved many
important reforms.
• Their most concrete victory was the passage of the
19th Amendment, enfranchising women.
• In the 1920s, the reform movement lost steam, and
conspicuous consumption. However, when the
Great Depression hit in the 1930s, Americans again
became interested in reform. (
• 16th (1913) amendment granted Congress the power
to tax income.
• 17th (1913) amendment provided for the direct
election of U.S. Senators.
• 18th (1919) amendment prohibited making, selling, or
transporting alcohol.
• 19th (1920) amendment provided women suffrage.
Muckrakers in the
Progressive Movement
• Muckrakers: Journalists who wrote in-depth,
investigative stories that exposed the problems of
urban society
• Henry Demarest Lloyd: Exposed corruption and
greed in the Standard Oil Monopoly
• Jacob Riis : Exposed the difficulties of tenement life
• Theodore Dreiser: Novels portrayed greed and
ruthlessness of industrialists
• Lincoln Steffens: Also described corruption in urban
politics in his article: Shame of the Cities
• Roosevelt was the first president to enforce the
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
• Convinced Congress to pass two laws that
strengthened the Interstate Commerce Commission
• Protection of natural resources
• Roosevelt promised a “square deal” between
business and labor
• Protection of natural resources
• Was a very handsome man.
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