SEAMEO RETRAC: Ho Thanh My Phuong

Dr. Ho Thanh My Phuong
Center Director
35 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City,
[email protected]
Mission of the Center
To assist SEAMEO Member Countries to identify and address
issues of educational leadership and management by
providing such services as research, training, consultancy,
information dissemination, community service, networking
and partnership
“Dedicated to Excellence in Education”
Major Programs: Training
1. International and In-country Training Courses on Leadership and
Educational Management for the region
TOT In- country training courses for the Ministry of Education and Sports, Lao PDR.
Join Training Projects
Project titled “Leadership skills for mid-level managers at higher educational
institutions in Vietnam using blended learning mode” funded by World Bank - 2013
Leadership skill trainings for school heads in disadvantaged areas, funded by Belgium
Technical Cooperation from 2009 to 2012
2. Seminars/Training Workshops on applying ICT into teaching and
3. Professional Development Trainings
Master Program in Applied Linguistics, in collaboration with Curtin University, Australia
Teacher Trainings and Assessment for Teachers of English in the Mekong Delta
English Language Training for Community and Corporate Sector
Trainer – Training on Life Skills
Major Programs:
Research and Development
1. Research on “Basic education models in
Southeast Asia” funded by Vietnam MOET
2. Collaborative Research with Universities in
3. Collaborative Research Project on “The role of
steering policies and governance reform in the
management of higher education in Asia.”
cooperated with IIEP - UNESCO
Major Programs:
Community Outreach Activities
1. Partnerships and International Collaboration to organize
Annual International Conferences in Educational Management and TESOL
 Forums, Roundtable Discussion and Sharing Sessions
 Inter-Center Collaboration
 Educational forum on “Enhancing Training Quality in Basic Education
in the SEA Region” at SEAMEO RECSAM’s premises
 Training workshop on “Integrating ICT in Teaching and Learning” and
“Digital age in teaching and learning” in collaboration with SEAMEO
2. Educational Fairs and Educational Exhibition in
collaboration with MOET, US. Consulate the General ,
Consulate the General of Canada, MEXT (G30) ….
3. Study tours, personnel and student recruitment and
exchange for educational, scientific and cultural
Japan Education Fair co-organized by MEXT
14 well-known universities in Japan and more than 300 participants
Significant Accomplishments
Training workshop on applying ICT, in collaboration
with MEXT, Japan
Using Instructional Technology in Material Development”
International Hands-on Workshop on E-learning
Training Workshop on "Teaching and Learning with
Smartphone and Tablet“
Teacher Trainings - English Language Assessment –
Vietnam’s National Foreign Languages Project 2020
Invention of Low-cost ISB (International Smart Boards)
Hosting educational/cultural exchange programs for
school administrators and school heads, teachers,
students in the region and the world
Training for Trainer on Life skills.
Vision for the Future
• Share hands-on experiences about new trends in
high school and university leadership and
management in the region and the world;
• Present innovative ideas, approaches, best practices
as well as research findings in both basic and higher
• Continuously assist SEAMEO member countries to
identify and address issues and problems in the real
contexts of school leadership and management;
• Respond to community awareness programs; and,
• Enhance SEAMEO awareness and visibility.
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