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GCSE PPE Celebrations

Performance based on individual PPE papers:

 Biology PPE – 15 pupils secured B+

 Chemistry PPE – 10 pupils secured B+

 Physics PPE– 12 pupils secured B+

Overall performance based on all three PPE papers and

ISA scores:

 Grade A - 2 pupils

 Grade B - 15 pupils

Why every mark counts…

 B1 19 C

 C1 25 D

 P1 12 U

 ISA 37 C

= Overall D… 7 more marks in total moves to C grade

 B1 25 C

 C1 19 D

 P1 25 C

 ISA 42 A

= Overall C… 9 more marks in total moves to B grade

Exam Dates

 Biology 6 th June

 Chemistry 10 th June

 Physics 12 th June

Areas for improvement…

 Lack of simple recall e.g. name a plant hormone – couldn’t be answered.

 Not attempting whole questions

 Not being specific enough in answers e.g. ‘pollution’, ‘waste gases’ instead of ‘carbon dioxide or sulphur dioxides’

 Not using any of the information in the question

 Rephrasing the question as an answer without saying anything new!

 Simply quoting back data without actually explaining what it meant or manipulating it.

General Advice

 Mark a minute so time yourself carefully

 Start by going through and answering all the ones you can do first so you don't run out of time on questions you could have answered

Underline command words describe, explain, suggest in the question

Data Questions

Read all the data given as the information provides answers

Use data and quote back facts in your answer when it tells you to.

Use the equation sheets and carefully select the correct equations to use – you may need to use more than one for a question

Check you haven't missed out one mark questions where there aren't lines to write e,g if you have to add plots or a line of best fit to a graph

Show working out for all calculations and equations that you have used

Include units in all your answers

6 Mark QWC questions – GCSE & BTEC

6 mark QWC questions involve extended writing just like we've practiced in class

Brainstorm useful scientific keywords and put them in the margin before you start. This will help develop your answer

You can use bullet points if it helps you sequence your ideas they must still be full sentences for QWC marks

Read back your work to check spellings and

grammar is accurate to get the QWC mark

These questions could be asking you to write a practical method - remember to include what you will measure, equipment and controls


 If you fail to achieve a minimum of a C grade overall and need to resit you will be required to re-enter for the whole Core Science qualification

 This would mean resitting all three exams and a new piece of coursework (ISA) alongside your Additional

Science GCSE

 You cannot resit just one of the exams to improve your grade.

How you can prepare…

DON’T just read the textbook/revision guide, you need to actively engage with the material….

 The Science booklet outlines the topics you need to revise with a link to Bitesize and AQA past papers

 Use Bitesize – there are pages of notes you can print and highlight, animations and tests

 Use the revision tests on Bitesize to assess your understanding at the end of each topic

 Practice as many past papers as possible and carefully read the mark schemes so you develop your understanding of what the examiners are looking for

 Answer the questions in the CGP revision guides and

workbooks to test your understanding

GCSE Opportunities

Science A levels can lead to careers in:

Forensic science



Veterinary and Medical Science





Food Scientist

Medical Research