I. Hoteit
A. Fratalocchi
V. Bajic
S. Jonsson
F. Bisetti
G. Schuster
R. Samtaney
G. Stenchikov
U. Schwingenschloegl
2D Full Waveform Inversion Gulf of Mexico Data (2013)
Observed Shot Gather
Predicted Shot Gather
4 km
20 km
1.6 km/s
2.4 km/s
“I was trolling the SEG abstracts and came across your time domain GOM data match
and I am very impressed. …In the literature there are very few examples of such a
good data match. We are quite interested in this because we want to calibrate our
own work. “ Email sent to GTS Sept 11, 2013 from a senior Chevron scientist
Preliminary 3D Full Waveform Inversion Gulf of Mexico Data
“My name is Ya******, a research geophysicist working (under Dr. Yi Luo) at Saudi Aramco Houston
Research Center…. Early this year, I was working with Dongliang Zhang and Prof. Jerry Schuster for multiples
least square migration code. I understand the major part of this code comes from your contribution. I am
very impressed by your accomplishments……..If you don’t mind, may I ask you to send me your 3D
acoustic mmi code?” (Aramco email sent by Dr. Ya**** & relayed to GTS Sept 21, 2013)
6 km
18 km
“….We have started running your FWI code in Dhahran, and re-generated your test example. It is a great
package. When I submit the job how do I instruct the code to run across multiple nodes using MPI? “
(Aramco email sent by Dr. To**** May 2013)
2014-2015 Geophysical Research
Steven Chu, Nobel Prize winner in Physics, said that the way to do great science is to
“…put yourself in the position to do experiments that could be important .”
1. 3D Full Waveform Inversion Gulf of Mexico Data
2. 2D Full Waveform Inversion Aramco Land & Red Sea Data
Robot driver
3. World’s First Robotic Seismic Surveys on Land
FWI+Robot Surveys=Rapid hi-Resoution Correction to Statics Distortion
I want to learn more about
land in
this could be very
of Near
Seismic Surveys
important. Are there more info for this experiments. Thanks Y*** (email April 7,
2013 from Aramco senior scientist)
Towable Land Streamer of Geophones
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