Structure of the Bagrut * YA 5 points students

All you need to know!
The English Bagrut consists of 4 parts:
 Module E – unseen (70p) + listening comprehension
(30p). This is done at the end of YA
Module F – a new literature exam which includes: 4
poems, 3 short stories and 1 play. The literary pieces are
studied over a period of 2 years. This is done in the winter
Module G – unseen (60p) + writing a composition (40p).
This is done in the summer YB.
Oral Bagrut – project presentation (60%) + personal
interview (40%). This is done also at the end of YB.
The average of all 4 parts is your final grade in English.
What you should do in order to do
well on the new Module F
 Buy a plastic folder (‫ )קלסר חצי שקוף‬with 8 dividers – each
one for 1 literary piece. You will learn 1 play, 3 short stories
and 4 poems.
Keep ALL the material related to the literary pieces in the
portfolio. Your portfolios will be checked by your English
Keep all the material from YA until you take the Bagrut
exam in the winter YB. If you don't, you won't have the
necessary material to learn from before your Bagrut exam!
You will be tested on each literary piece during the 2
following years.
Before the Bagrut exam you will have a Matkonet exam
which will include ALL the literary pieces you have studied.
Your Final Grade – ‫ציון הגשה‬
 is an average of ALL the grades in the two-year
period – YA and YB.
There is a Matkonet exam BEFORE the Module F
If you miss a summative assessment (an exam on 1-3
pieces) without a justified reason, it will affect your
final grade.
Make up tests are done according to the school policy.
If you are not satisfied with your Bagrut grade you got
in the winter , you can take Moed B in the summer YB.
The process of learning any literary
piece includes the following:
 pre reading activity
 vocabulary and basic understanding questions
 analysis & interpretation questions
 literary terms
 HOTS – higher order thinking skills
 background information related to the literary piece
 post reading activity
 using graphic organizers
 reflection
Basic Requirements
 This new F module demands a lot of work and
It also requires the ability to express yourselves well in
English, since most of the questions are open-ended.
students must reach an average of 70 by the end of the
first semester in YA in order to stay in 5 points.
Your parents will be notified in the next parents evening if
you do not follow those requirements.
The programs for 4 and 5 points are different.
It is nearly impossible to complete the material on your
We wish you a lot of luck!
 We hope you will enjoy the new literature program.
 Remember! The only place where success comes
before work is in the dictionary.
The English Staff and Coordinators,
Monica Levi & Pirchy Dayan
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