Alabama High School Diploma with Advanced Academic

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200005 English 9
200007 Advanced English 9
200006 Honors English 9
Placement is based on
EXPLORE scores and school
recommendation. Letters
will be mailed from VHHS in
late spring/early summer to
students who may benefit
from this course.
Most students take
Must meet acceptance
requirements: minimum of
20 on English AND Reading
sections of EXPLORE AND
85 or better in 8th grade Adv
English or 90 or better in 8th
grade English. Summer
work/reading required.
230013 World Hist. & Geo. 9
Most students take
230014 Honors World Hist. & Must meet acceptance
Geo. 9
requirements: 18 on Reading
section of EXPLORE AND
minimum average of 90 in 8th
grade history. Summer
work/reading is required.
230027 AP World History
Minimum of 90 in 8th grade
history AND minimum 25 on
reading section of EXPLORE,
submit a writing sample and
complete the AP application.
See VHHS website under
Parent – Course Selection for
220013 Biology
Most 9th graders take
220012 Honors Biology
Need to be on A/B Honor Roll
in 8th grade and be enrolled in
Alg. I or higher in 9th grade,
and have an 85 average in 8th
grade science.