Application for 10th Grade Honors English

Application for 9th Grade Pre-AP “Honors” World History
Course Requirements
Pre-AP “Honors” World History 9A/9B help prepares students to take AP U.S. History
and AP U.S. Government their junior and senior years, respectively. Students must be
prepared to read, summarize and take notes for base level knowledge prior to every day
the class meets in preparation for discussion and higher-order thinking activities. The
depth, breadth and pace are greater than the regular World History course, thus in
addition to the regular World History curriculum, students will be expected to read or
access other assigned sources and the student product will need to be completed at
higher level of quality.
Application Requirements
Score at least in the proficient level in both the Language Usage and
Reading Comprehension on the ISAT test during their 8th grade year.
A “B” or higher in 8th Grade English
A “B” or higher in 8th Grade History
A cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
A middle school GPA in Social Studies of at least 3.5
 Students will be admitted to the class based on a composite ranking of the
prerequisites listed above.
The completed application is due no later than March 25th, 2011.
No student will be admitted without a completed application and
having met the requirements listed above.
Student Information - Please Print Neatly
Student Number: ______________________
8th English Grade: ______
8th History Grade: ______
Overall GPA: _______
Social Studies GPA:________
ISAT Reading
ISAT Language
I have read the course requirements and the increased expectations and agree to put forth the effort to
complete the course work required to the best of my ability.
Student signature
I have read the course requirements and the increased expectations and agree to support my child in
their effort to complete the course work at the level expected.
Parent/Guardian signature