Item 8: 2014 Workforce and Investment Plans

NW LETB Investment and
Workforce Planning Process 2014/15
LETB Update
Mike Burgess, Associate Head of Workforce Planning
Jenny Cavalot, Head of Education Commissioning and Workforce
Calum Pallister, Head of Finance
Financial planning
Process - first cut due 25 September.
National allocation unknown - no commitments until new year
• Reduced income? -2%, +1%
• £13m challenge
No change?
• Workforce development –
extra £m income
• Secondary care post
funding, UG medical
Investment variables:
GP activity numbers
Non medical activity
Tariff changes?
Benchmark price
2014/15 Process – Story So Far
Submission of secondary care provider workforce plans signed off at
Executive level (numbers, and narrative including risks and issues)
Assimilation of range of intelligence:
– relevant context for secondary care plans
– wider health and care intelligence to inform planning
Confirm and challenge process to check numbers
Moderation process to check numbers against narrative, and other context
intelligence (eg CCG 2 and 5 yr plans, transformation programmes)
2014/15 Process – Next Steps (1)
Internal – HENW/ HEE
Complete confirm and challenge, and moderation processes for accuracy of individual
provider plans
Use intelligence from process and wider intelligence including stakeholder engagement to
analyse plans at range of levels (‘demand’), and devise education commissioning and wider
investment plans (covering future workforce, workforce development, education support)
Submit demand and supply forecast, first cut investment plan, financial model and
education commissioning plan to HEE by 25 September 2014
Further submission of documents end October 2014
NW Workforce Plan prepared to be published after national Plan
National Workforce Plan 2015/16 published 6 December 2014
2014/15 Process - Next Steps (2)
External – Stakeholder Engagement to Inform Investment
29 August 2014 – LETB: update on 2014/15 Investment and Workforce Planning Process
3 September 2014 – Stakeholder Forum: focus on education commissioning. Update on
process and implications for commissioning, workshops comprise innovation in education
delivery, learner, user and carer involvement in quality/ education management,
collaboration/ partnership to support education delivery
9, 12 September (C&M, GM) and 1 October (C&L) LWEGs
Process overview
Key themes and associated evidence (at individual organisation, organisation type/sector, sub/region level as
Commissioning/ wider investment decisions arising from those themes – support and challenge
Wider stakeholder engagement
Post submission updates
Key workforce themes identified to date
• Existing nursing workforce shortages across the NW (primary and
secondary, including paediatric and MH nursing)
• Significant vacancies in the medical workforce across a range of
specialties and levels
• Emergency Medicine / AED / Critical Care / Theatres workforce
demand at all levels and types
• GP recruitment
• Clinical Radiology / Interventional Radiology – demand for workforce
and training pathways