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Health Education North
West Stakeholder Forum
3 September 2014
Sally Cheshire
Independent Chair
National & Regional Update
 Sally Cheshire
2014 Workforce Plans : Analysis
 Mike Burgess
Implications of Workforce Plans on Education Commissions
 Neil McLauchlan
Innovation in Education Case Studies
Feedback & Summary
MD Update – National (1)
Widening Participation Strategy
• HEE has launched the national Widening Participation Strategy for consultation
• The strategy sets out five key goals which include:
 Improving the collection and monitoring of data related to WP activity
 Supporting more research to explore the needs of underrepresented groups
Stimulating more collaborative models for outreach support between the NHS and
education providers
• The consultation will run until 30 September 2014
Shape of Caring Review - Call for Evidence
The Shape of Caring Review will explore whether current arrangements for education and
training of nurses and care assistants will be fit for purpose over the next 10-15 years.
• The call for evidence will learn from good practice across the UK.
• Further information on the review and a template to provide evidence is available at
• The closing date for evidence to be submitted is 17 September 2014
MD Update – National (2)
Care Certificate
• The Care Certificate (Cavendish) which sets out the proposed minimum standards and
competencies for Health Care Support Workers is currently being field tested with a
range of employers across health and social care nationally
• The purpose of the testing is to ascertain that the content and delivery of the Care
Certificate is effective and fit for purpose.
• 19 organisations across the NW are currently reviewing and testing the guidance, and
advising of potential implications that will need to be considered prior to national roll-out
• The emerging issues in the NW include:
 Positive recognition of the need and value for a set of standards.
 Agreement that the proposed standards are relevant for all HCSWs although they
are currently viewed as too hospital focused
 More guidance about the assessment burden and implications with more flexibility
being around timescales for completion
• Full implementation is anticipated to go live in March 2015.
MD Update – National (3)
Medical, Dental and Public Health Specialty Recruitment
• The latest recruitment round for specialty training has been launched
• For the majority posts starting from October 2014 onwards, applications will open on
Tuesday 2 September and close on Tuesday 16 September 2014. Interviews will be
conducted between Monday 29 September and Wednesday 15 October 2014.
• Further information is available at
Beyond Transition Update
• The responses to the final consultation of the Beyond Transition programme were
considered and the recommendations approved at the HEE Board in August
• Arrangements for implementation are now underway
MD Update – Regional (1)
Return to practice – Nurses & Midwives
• There are 23,000 lapsed registered nurses nationally who are potentially available to
return to the nursing workforce
• A Return to Practice campaign is being launched nationally to support those wishing to
• HENW has received national funding to support Trusts offering placements, pay for
course fees and to provide a short term bursary to the returner
• It is an expectation that on successful completion of the programme the Trust providing
the placement experience will employ the Return to Practice participant.
• Further info is available at
Pre Degree Year of Care Programme
• National funding has been confirmed for the third cohort of the pre-degree year of care
programme which will commence October 2014/February 2015
• Info has been circulated to trusts – deadline for submissions is 12 September 2014
MD Update – Regional (2)
Urgent & Emergency Care Programme
• Following the appointment of a regional Programme Lead (Suzanne Hughes) and an
initial analysis of the current position, three major themes have been identified:
 Need for greater connectivity in the NW with activity and developments nationally
 Urgent to medium term solutions required to manage and improve the Emergency
Department crisis
 Longer term review of urgent care provision across the whole system needed
• Consideration at the LETB Board in August – with more detailed discussion to take place
at the LWEG meetings in September/October
• Key actions include:
 Establishment of a regional Steering Group and engagement with LWEGs to ensure local
focus on geographical priorities
 Development of a specific workstream to address the current ED crisis
 Mapping of wider issues across primary and community care
 Development of a wider programme of work focussing on Urgent and Emergency Care
across the system
MD Update – Regional (3)
Lead Employer Contract in Greater Manchester and Cumbria and Lancashire
• The current contract expires on 31 March 2015 and therefore HENW is now putting the
contract out for re-tender for three years to support the move to one lead employer
across the North West by 2018.
Education Placement Agreements
Manchester Medical School has written to its placement providers to clarify their
expectations around the quality of education
• HENW is writing to Chief Executives in support of this and confirming that MMS will act
on our behalf in assessing the quality of placements
• Providers relying on education support from other organisations, such as teaching
hospitals, must ensure that they formally establish these or invest in alternative
arrangements to fulfil their quality obligations
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