a Powerpoint slide presentation of the

What help is out there?
TEC approved Workplace Literacy Providers
Adult learning modules
Self-paced learning
Educators can support a group
of learners and monitor their
Educator Workshops 2014
National Certificate in
Adult Literacy and
Numeracy Education (Vocational)
Free, interactive online professional development
pathway for tutors and trainers delivering vocational
training at levels 1 – 3 on the NZQA framework.
For those who don’t want to commit to a National
Certificate programme just yet.
Careerforce Learning Reps: (from March 2014)
Peer mentors – employees trained to support the training and assessment process in
their workplaces.
• Promote workplace training and industry qualifications
• Create learning opportunities – e.g. study groups, study buddies, learning ‘events’
• Identify barriers to learning in the workplace and find ways to eliminate them
• Support co-workers experiencing problems with learning and advocate for them
• Celebrate learning successes with co-workers and create a positive ‘buzz’
around training and development at work
- Building on the work of the CTU Learning Reps Programme
- Initial training plus on-going upskilling programmes
• TEC funded programme to support employers
• Consists primarily of a website with self-help
– On business benefits; how to get started; case
studies; and resources
– www.skillshighway.govt.nz
• Has a contact number 0800 601 301 for
support and guidance
• Industry case studies e.g., on health and
community care
– http://www.skillshighway.govt.nz/casestudy/counties-manukau-dhb
– http://www.skillshighway.govt.nz/case-study/teroopu-taurima-o-manukau-trust
Workplace Literacy Funding
• TEC directly funds employers through a
contestable funding application round. This
opens up 1-2 times a year
• Information is available on
• Employers can be supported through the Skills
Highway programme to make an application
Step 5 & 6 self-directed learning
organise study group / study buddy
Response to
Step 3 & 4 organise study group / study buddy Use Careerforce embedded literacy resources
use embedded literacy resources
Create embedded literacy resources
schedule more 1-1 time
(Progressions red book)
post-assess (Step 3) at end of programme
Form a group on Pathways Awarua
Step 1 & 2 integrate training with a literacy programme
coordinate training with literacy tutor
Investigate a literacy programme
post-assess at end of programme
with a TEC approved literacy provider
Form a group on Pathways Awarua
English Language Partners Workplace Programmes
(for trainees with English as a second language)
Create embedded literacy resources
(Progressions red book)
Use Careerforce embedded literacy resources
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