the safe choice
A few examples of our products:
Handicare Bathroom Safety - the new name of Linido is a Dutch manufacturer of mobility aids and safety
products for bathroom and toilet. With more than 70
The hinged arm support provides
LinidoSolutions from Handicare
years of experience, we have a worldwide reputation as
a safe way of sitting down and
Bathroom Safety are used both in
specialists in this field. Our products, available under the
It can be locked in either a horizontal
private homes and in care homes,
brand name LinidoSolutions, are specially designed
or a vertical position.
hospitals and similar establishments.
for people who need extra support in their use of the
They are only available from approved
shower, washbasin and toilet. They are tailored to your
dealers in sanitary products, medical
requirements, and fit in seamlessly with the arrangement
goods and mobility and rehabilitation aids.
of your bathroom and toilet.
standing up while using the toilet.
Our sturdy Ergogrip grab rail can
be used for many different purposes
Our prime consideration is to ensure that you can enjoy
in the bathroom and toilet.
optimum independence and safety while bathing and
toileting. Our products are therefore as easy to use as
possible. LinidoSolutions offer a wide range of aids for
the daily care of people young and old with mild or more
The safe, comfortable shower seat
gives the support needed while
severe disability or functional limitation. They can be
showering, and ensures an active
used by those who live independently at home, but also
sitting posture. Folds up and is easy
by residents or staff of care homes.
to clean.
Your requirements come first
The Back-Up offers comfortable
Handicare Bathroom Safety
We produce LinidoSolutions ourselves at Handicare
lumbar support for independent
P.O. Box 70, 2640 AB Pijnacker, The Netherlands
Bathroom Safety. That means that we can tailor our
showering. It leaves your hands
Tel.: +31 (0)15 369 54 40, Fax: +31 (0)15 369 71 64
free, for example for washing
[email protected],
the hair or for drying.
For further information, please contact our distributor:
LinidoSolutions include a complete range of accessories,
from towel rail and wall-mounted hook to soap dish and
toothbrush holder. The combination of mobility aids and
the corresponding accessories ensures good looks and
lack of clutter in the bathroom and toilet.
products to meet your wishes. Most products come
Discover the comfort
of a safe bathroom
in a choice of 5 colours, and can also be made in
polished stainless steel for a more luxurious look and
high performance.
RAL 9010
RAL 9001
RAL 3003
RAL 5002
RAL 9005
You want to do as much as you can yourself,
You are looking for products that offer a smart solution,
without relying on others. We design our products
while still looking stylish. We attach just as much
to help you achieve this aim. They are designed to
importance to the design of our products as you do.
provide the support you need, and are thoroughly
We use rounded forms wherever possible, for reasons
tested to ensure they have the functionality required.
of hygiene, efficiency and good looks. Mounting points
They help you to meet your needs as much
are hidden from sight, while the choice of colours
as possible.
available means that our products will always fit in with
the decoration scheme you have chosen for your
bathroom or toilet.
You want to continue to live on your own for as
You are looking for practical solutions that will take
You are looking for sturdy
long as possible, but without compromising safety
the load off your body. You will find them in our ergonomic
products with a long life. LinidoSolutions are
and comfort. That is possible if you choose the
designs, where such aspects as the height, width, depth
made of high-quality, wear-resistant materials.
right aids. With LinidoSolutions from Handicare
and inclination of the seat and the height of the armrests
They are easy to clean and require very little
Bathroom Safety, you know you are getting the
play an important role. Our products are developed to match
maintenance. As a result, they can easily offer
strength and loadability you need. You can rely on
the dimensions and natural movements of the body. Their
you years of service.
all our safety products for bathroom and toilet use.
rounded forms ensure that body parts or clothing will never
They offer you both support and comfort.
be caught on projecting edges, and offer you a better grip.
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