Golden retrievers

By Rodolfo G.
Weigh 55-75 pounds
21.5-24 inches tall
Broad head
Wide floppy ears
Golden retriever facts
A golden takes a everybody as a friend.
Golden retriever have fine athletic builds.
A golden retriever takes time out from a romp with his owner
Old-time retrievers. of England had flat coats, much like a Chesapeake retriever.
Lovable retriever rank as the second most popular purebred dog.
The golden retriever is one of several kinds.
They love to swim ,run romp play, fetch and sniff about the woods.
A golden can live up to 12-13 years.
People ones said dog are mans best friend but people say a golden retriever is
Are Golden Retrievers Good Pets?
Yes they are, harmless to your children.
Golden retriever book
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