Objective One: to explore awareness of prenatal exercise

Vlada Korolova –
BSc Honours Leisure Management, DIT.
* Less pains and discomfort
* Alleviation of depression
* Improved cardiovascular function
* Maintained bone mass
* Better heat dissipation
* Reduced excess weight gain
* Fewer complications
* Shorter labours
* Quicker recovery
* More intelligent babies
* Semi-structured in-depth interview
Sample (10 people):
* 8 females, who are pregnant (no complications) or
have been pregnant within the last 5 to 10 years.
* 2 professionals in an area relevant to prenatal
exercise – i.e. a physiotherapist and a personal
* Objective One: to explore awareness of prenatal
- current trends
- knowledge of benefits and precautions
- sources of information
* Objective Two: to find out female perceptions of,
motives for and attitudes to maternal exercise
- Personal motivations
- Barriers to exercise
* Objective Three: What are the influencing
factors that help form females decision?
-culture and environment
-medical professionals
* Objective four: to explore the expectations,
needs and wants of females?
* Contribution of the study
* Further research questions