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Generally speaking there have been several debates surrounding the fact whether gender equality
while it has been indeed undeniable that women can do things as men even better, other important
factors are to be considered since they have brought significant disadvantages such as the family is
becoming disintegrate, the succeeding paragraphs will underpin the viable relation the role of
women and its influence on their family.
To begin with, it has been proven by knowledgeable experts that the model of female gender into a
house has detrimental effects on society during the last 10 years. To elaborate further, women are
getting more preparation for their professional life .A pertinent example can be found in Colombia
as this country, when female gender study and work hard to get more option to sustain their family
because the men incomes are not enough. Therefore, families come disintegrating because they feel
too much pression so they decide don’t have family.
Equally important professionals females has potentially offered substantial benefits, which have
cause that women be recognized in the world.in others words, women are taking account to develop
jobs which just men can do it, for instance, if they combined the work and protect their family
members, they would be accepted and didn’t judgment, taking into consideration, be women bring
more advantages than be men.
In conclusion, it has been truly evident that women can work and stay at home, this means that
females would be support more in the society. I certainly agree that ladies can develop both roles
mother and professional.