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Training Module for Rosterlive Employee Self Service


4. My Roster

This module is to be undertaken by all employees


• RosterLive ESS is a totally web based solution and is accessible via a computer connected to the internet.

• RosterLive ESS is how you complete Time Sheets, view your Roster and change your

Payroll details

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• Once Logged in to RosterLive ESS you will be taken to the Home screen

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• To manage your Roster click on My Roster tab or My Roster Icon. 1 option appears below the tab name which you can click on.

This is your roster! You will note two things, times are in 24 hour format and there is a

Period filter (on the top right hand side) to navigate around the periods.

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Throughout RosterLive there is a standard navigation bar across the different screens

Filter bar example below

Click on the filters icon to show or hide the filters bar

Use the green left and right arrows to take you back to the previous time period or forward to the next

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24 Hour clock conversion table

Use the below table until you become familiar with the 24 hour clock.

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