Vegetable Jeopardy

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Q $100
Q $100
Q $100
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Q $200
Q $200
Q $200
Q $200
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Q $300
Q $300
Q $300
Q $300
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Q $400
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Q $500
Q $500
Q $500
Final Jeopardy
$100 Question from Types
Give an example of a
vegetable under the seed type.
$100 Answer from Types
Peas, Corn, Beans
$200 Question from Types
Give an example of a vegetable
from the flower type.
$200 Answer from Type
Broccoli & Cauliflower
$300 Question from Types
Give an example of a
vegetable from the fruit type.
$300 Answer from Types
Tomato, Cucumber, Pepper
$400 Question from Types
Give an example of a
vegetable from the root type.
$400 Answer from Type
Carrots, Turnips, Radishes
$500 Question from Types
Give an example of a
vegetable from the bulb type.
$500 Answer from Types
Onion & Garlic
$100 Question from Selecting
How long will vegetables
stay fresh after purchasing?
$100 Answer from Selecting
2-5 days
$200 Question from Selecting
What does the green color
indicate on peeled potatoes?
$200 Answer from Selecting
Solanine, a bitter toxic compound
caused by exposure to light
$300 Question from Selecting
What will an extra
large vegetable indicate?
$300 Answer from Selecting
It is overripe
$400 Question from Selecting
Name 2 vegetables that should
not be sprouted when purchased.
$400 Answer from Selecting
Potatoes, Bulbs, & Tubers
$500 Question from Selecting
Name 5 things that
should be looked at
when purchasing vegetables.
$500 Answer from Selecting
Shape, Size, Condition,
Ripeness, and Color/Texture
$100 Question from Stuff
Describe a Flower vegetable.
$100 Answer from Stuff
Tender, eaten raw, and tops
are eaten not the stems usually
$200 Question from Stuff
How are leaf vegetables eaten?
$200 Answer from Stuff
Tender and may be
eaten raw or cooked
$300 Question from Stuff
What is a bulb vegetable?
$300 Answer from Stuff
Vegetables with layers of
fleshy leaves surrounding
the underground part of stem
$400 Question from Stuff
What may an irregular shape
of a vegetable indicate?
$400 Answer from Stuff
Inferior texture and flavor
$500 Question from Stuff
Where are the nutrients
stored in a tuber?
$500 Answer from Stuff
Underground stem
$100 Question from Preparing
Where are some of the nutrients
lost when cooking vegetables?
$100 Answer from Preparing
In water
$200 Question from Preparing
How does over cooking
vegetables effect the flavors?
$200 Answer from Preparing
Can create unpleasant flavors
$300 Question from Preparing
What color will chlorophyll
turn if over cooked?
$300 Answer from Preparing
Olive Green
$400 Question from Prepating
Vitamin C can be found
in what 2 vegetables?
$400 Answer from Preparing
Bell Peppers, Tomatoes,
& Raw Cabbage
$500 Question from Preparing
What is another name for
fiber in vegetables? (plant part)
$500 Answer from Preparing
$100 Question from Storing
Where should tomatoes, potatoes,
or onions not be stored?
$100 Answer from Storing
In the Refrigerator
$200 Question from Storing
What may cause vegetables to
mold and spoil, besides a bruise?
$200 Answer from Storing
$300 Question from Storing
Why should you not wash
vegetables before putting
them in the refrigerator?
$300 Answer from Storing
It will take off the protective
coating and they will spoil quicker
$400 Question from Storing
Where should most
vegetables be stored?
$400 Answer from Everything
$500 Question from Storing
Why should you not use soap
when washing your vegetables?
$500 Answer from Storing
It can react with the protective
coating on the vegetables and
create a toxic substance
Final Jeopardy
Name 2 nutrients that are found
in Green Leafy Vegetables.
Final Jeopardy Answer
Folic Acid, Vitamin K,
Calcium, Magnesium
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