Project Work

Project Work:
Made by: Fetisova S.
Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
was born on March,
18th, 1844 in Tikhvin
of 200 km. To the east
from St.-Petersburg, in
aristocratic family with
a long line of military
and naval service.
He has shown musical ability
early, and the beginner in six,
Rimsky-Korsakov had lessons
of a piano from various local
teachers and has shown the
tendency to make. However,
in persistence of its family it
has entered into Imperial
Russian Fleet in 1856, going
to school for Mathematical
and Navigating Sciences in
St.-Petersburg and taking its
fleeting passing examination
in April 1862
Placing himself through the
strict three-year program
of self-education in its
initial years in institute, it
became the owner of the
Western methods which it
has included in its own
works near to Mikhail
Glinka influences and its
supporting members. Its
methods of structure and a
harmonious combination
would become further
обогащенными it
подверганием Richard
Uognera's to works
His most famous compositions are “The
Flight of the Bumblebee”, an opera
“The bride”, The 5th Symphony ,an
opera "Snow Maiden“ Opera "Boris
He died on June
21,1908 in Russia.
Has been buried on
the Tikhvin