Kirk Mowl

By Kirk Mowl
*This story takes place on the San Nicolas island. There are tons
of places on San Nicolas island, like Coral Cove, the Village, the
Aleut camp, the spring , sands dune and lots of other places.
* Characters
There are not to many characters in this book because almost the
whole book is about Karana. There are other characters in this book.
There is Karana, Rontu, the Aleuts, Tutuk, and Ramok, Rontu Aru,
Caption Orlove and chief Chowig. These are most of the characters in
this book.
Karana and her tribe are on there island when they see a ship.
They are bad people and kill the leader. Their tribe leaves the
island and Karana's brother is still on the island. Karana jumps of
the ship to save her brother now they are alone on island. They
have lots of challenges including Ramo dying. She tries to leave
the island and her canoe leaks and has to come back. Good
people come to take her to their island.
* Review
This was my favorite book ever because it had a lot of
things that happened. When we were reading it I
wanted to read a head so bad because I wanted to
know what was going to happen. I really inspire you to
read this book.
* Thank You
By Kirk Mowl
For Ms. Hankin
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