Aim: What facts do we know about the Inca Empire?
Do Now: Based on this image what info can you give
about this civilization?
HW: In a paragraph
describe one
agricultural problem
the Incas had and
how did they solve it.
I. Inca Empire (1200-1535)
A Geography
1. Located on the west coast of
S. America in the Andes Mts.
2. Largest of all the
Mesoamerican civilizations
Machu Picchu
B. Government
1. Ruled by an emperor a descendent of the Sun God.
2. Several classes of people
Slaves (conquered enemies)
C. Economy
1. Based on Agriculture, the Incas carved flat terraces
into the Mountainous terrain in order to grow crops
2. Developed an extensive system of irrigation to water
crops and roads to encourage trade
Inca Empire
1. West coast of South America.
2. Andes Mountains.
3. Largest of all Mesoamerican civilizations.
II. Government
1. All-powerful emperor.
A. Descendant of the Sun God.
2. Class system – Priests, soldiers, artisans, farmers & slaves.
III. Economy
1. Based on Agriculture
A. Terrace farming – carved flat surfaces on mountains to allow farming.
2. Irrigation system to water crops.
3. Extensive road system.
4. Mita – every citizen must work for the government for part of the year.
A. Received care in return.
B. Similar to socialism.
Answer the questions based on the map below.
1. Which empire lasted
the longest?
2. Which coast of South
America was the Inca
Empire on?
3. Why were the Incan
roads especially
important for the
HW: In a paragraph
describe one
agricultural and
problem the Incas
had and how did they
solve it.
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