Giovanni De Verrazano

By: Alicia , Kierra and, Emily
Giovanni De Verrazano
Nationality - Italian who sailed for France
Lifespan - 1485 – 1528
Family - Noble Italian family
Education - Well educated befitting the status of
his family
Career - Italian Explorer and Navigator
Famous for : Exploring the northeast coast of
North America from Cape Fear, North Carolina
to Maine
He also discovered Manhattan and was the first
European to enter New York bay
 Eaten
by cannibals in the Caribbean
He sailed for
France .
Was the first man to set foot in the
New York Harbor
Giovanni was the only explorer to
anchor away from shore
Verrazano Narrows Bridge, named
for the famous explorer, opened in
1964 and is the longest
suspension bridge in the world
 1485:
Giovanni da Verrazano was born
in at Val di Grieve, near Florence, Italy
Giovanni da Verrazzano came from a
good Italian family and was a well
educated Renaissance man
Giovanni da Verrazzano travelled the
seas as a pirate, or Privateer sailing for
King Francis I of France, attacking
ships belonging to the Spanish and the
1522: Giovanni da Verrazzano captured
a Spanish treasure ship sent from
Mexico, by Hernando Cortes, to King
Charles V of Spain. The value of gold
on the treasure ship was valued at
nearly two million dollars
He explored NY Bay. He explored it
in 1524-1527. He sailed to find
another rout to China.