Please write the question and your answer.
Which of the following best illustrates the
concept of social Darwinism?
A. Berea has valuable resources which
Richmond would benefit from controlling
B. Berea is unfit for self-government so
Richmond has a duty to “civilize” them
C. Berea needs to totally blend in to the
culture of Richmond when Richmond takes over
 There
is a proposed law in the
country of Malawi which makes
it illegal to fart in public.
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Chapter 11
Section 3
began to look at
other places to
control besides
They focused on
what was left of
the Ottoman
◦ Land surrounding
the Mediterranean
The declining Ottoman
Empire had difficulties
trying to fit into the modern
If an effort to resist
European imperialist
powers, they made attempts
to change.
These efforts failed.
Europeans began to look for
ways to take the Ottoman’s
Geopolitics – an interest in or taking of land
for its strategic location or products.
Geopolitics played a huge role in the desire
for the Ottoman Empire.
World powers were attracted to its strategic
◦ Access to Mediterranean Sea
◦ Asian countries had to cross their land to get to
the Mediterranean
◦ Discovery of oil (after WWI) in Persia and the
Arabian Peninsula
In an attempt to gain land on the Black Sea, Russian
czars continuously started wars with the Ottomans.
1853 – Crimean War began.
◦ Russians v. Ottomans
◦ Britain and France help the Ottomans to prevent further
Russian advancement.
◦ Russia lost.
First war to be published in newspapers.
First war where women established positions as
army nurses.
◦ Ex. Florence Nightingale
Despite the help of the British and French the
Ottoman Empire continued to decline.
The Crimean War illustrates geopolitics
because it involved…
◦ a. an interest in taking land for strategic
◦ b. war for independence
◦ c. civil war
◦ d. war for unification of states into one country
Turn to page 354 in your book to complete
the rest of your notes.
Look in these sections…
Egypt Initiates Reforms
Military and Economic Reforms
The Suez Canal
Battle over Tobacco (page 356, last paragraph)
Based on the
Ottoman Empire’s
decline, some
Muslim leaders felt
they had no choice
but to adjust to the
modern world.
Egypt initiated
political and social
reforms, partially to
block European
Egypt’s location at the
head of the Red Sea
appeared valuable to both
France and Britain.
Muhammad Ali led Egypt
and initiated many reforms
for their military and
◦ Pushed Egyptians to grow a
cash crop – cotton
 Peasants lost substantial land
needed to grow their food crops.
The Suez Canal was a
human-made waterway that
connected the Red Sea to
the Mediterranean
◦ Importance = Waterway
between Europe and Indian
Ocean without rounding Africa.
The Suez Canal was very
expensive (450 million) to
build and Egypt was in great
◦ Egypt could not even pay the
interest on the debt.
Overseeing the debt, the
British occupied Egypt in
In the Muslim lands, many European
imperialists gained control by using economic
imperialism and creating spheres of
Although some governments attempted to
modernize their nations, it was usually too
little too late.
In other areas of the globe, imperialists
provided the modernization.
What two countries saw value in Egypt’s
Germany and United States
China and India
France and Britain
France and United States
What cash crop did Muhammad Ali push
Egyptians to grow?
Why would the Suez Canal be important?
◦ It allowed ships to travel to the Indian Ocean from
the Meditteranean Sea without having to go around
◦ It would help Africans assimilate into European
culture by being able to work jobs in constructing
the canal
◦ It allowed ships to travel to the Atlantic Ocean from
places like Egypt and Turkey
How did Britain eventually gain control of
◦ Military victories
◦ Securing the Suez Canal through a secret deal with
the Ottoman Empire
◦ Egypt could not pay the debt on the Suez Canal
◦ Chuck Norris was involved
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