Omni Drive Vs. Tank

By Team 2506
Advantages of Omni Drive
 Multi directional
 Can be very fast
 Can move in any direction
 Light weight
 Multiple ways to set up wheels to best fit the obstacle
you need to concur
Disadvantages of Omni Drive
 Can be easy to program or hard to
program depending on the program
that is used for code
 Can be pushed around easily
 Not much traction
 Omni wheels can be expensive
 Omni wheels can sometime’s break
 Can be hard to drive, need experience
Advantages of Tank Drive
 Very powerful
 A lot of friction
 Strong
 Not very expensive
 Easy to set up
 Easily come across parts needed
 Easy to control
 Easy to program
Disadvantages of Tank Drive
 Heavy
 Sometimes to much friction
 Wide turning radius
 Needs constant adjustments
 Slow
 Needs to be aligned very precisely
 Need a strong drive train to hold the tracks
Deciding factors
Speed needed
Power needed
Maneuverability needed
Driver experience
Programming experience
Size restrictions
Time for build
Weight restrictions
Materials available
Funds available
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