Item 5 Nijmegen Kleve Wouter Witteveen ()

Missing link Nijmegen-Kleve
Missing link Nijmegen-Kleve
Missing Links - regional trans-border
rail connections
European Parliament, 25th January
Facts (location)
• Situated between two active railway lines
– Zevenaar-Emmerich (only ICE connection)
– Venlo-Kaldenkirchen (RE connection)
– Nijmegen-Kleve (bus connection, 55 min for 26,5 km)
Presentatie GroenLinks
13 April, 2015
Facts (inhabitants)
Nijmegen: 164.540
Groesbeek: 18.853
Kranenburg 9.963
Kleve 49.477
Presentatie GroenLinks
13 April, 2015
Importance for Nijmegen
• Tourism: german shoppers
• 1400 German university students (7,7%)
• Railway Station Nijmegen Heyendael is also on
the line Nijmegen-Kleve
– Bus and train to this station are often overcrowded
Presentatie GroenLinks
13 April, 2015
Solution: tram!
• Part of a larger tram network
• Among others: tram on bus lane to university
• Nijmegen: let the tram go all the way to Kleve
Presentatie GroenLinks
13 April, 2015
• Realisation of tram by no means certain
– In the best case scenario not before 2017
• Train much quicker to realise (two years)
– But, mistakes were made with the bus lane in
– Recenlty, an elevator was built on the old tracks at
Nijmegen Heyendael
• Nijmegen wants a tram, Kleve wants a train,
Groesbeek wants a status quo
Presentatie GroenLinks
13 April, 2015
Syntropher report
• Syntropher: European project to improve the
accessibility of region close to the national
• Report: comparison between tram, train and
– Conclusions open for multiple interpretations
– Conclusion of Nijmegen: tram is the best option
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