My favourite dish-

My favourite dish-pizza
• In our family for many years pizzas and it
are already being prepared exactly from
this regulation.
ELEMENTS to the cake:
2 glasses of the flour
0,5 glass of water
1 yolk
5 ten grams of yeast
0,5 teaspoon is salting
4 spoonfulfuls of oil
ELEMENTS to the filling:
tomato sauce
stir-fried mushrooms
fresh pepper
yellow cheese
• To dissolve yeast in the water, next to pour into
the bowl in which the flour is, salt oil and yolk.
Exactly to mix everything. To lay the cake out on
the roasting tin. Next one should spread the cake
with the tomato sauce, to arrange mushrooms and
other elements according to the own taste. In the
end to sprinkle with the spice and cheese. To put
to the oven for about 45 faces and to bake in 180
Celcjusza steps.
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