“The Spirit of Leviathan” Ephesians 6:12 Job 41

“The Spirit of Leviathan”
Ephesians 6:12
Job 41- 42:6 ; Job 3:8
Proverbs 6:16-19
Psalms 104:26; 74:14
Isaiah 27:1
The spirit of Jezebel attempted to assault
the prophetic move but leviathan will
attempt to thwart the kingly move.
The Spirit of Leviathan:
Is a principality that dishonors authority
He is king over all the sons of pride
Is a serpent snake like creature
attacks new wine skin ministries
Uses his tongue as his greatest weapon
Is an enemy of light that tries to disguise
• It’s always in the sea or rivers
• Is said to have seven heads ((Ps. 74:1314/ Rev. 12:3)
The Spirit of Leviathan:
• Seeks to hide the meaning behind what
is said and causes miscommunication
and misunderstanding. This is how the
spirit sows discord among the brethren.
• Gets in between your conversation and
hearing and distort or mutter what one is
really saying.
• Will attack prophetic word trying to twist
God’s truth
The Spirit of Leviathan:
• Attacks out of his mouth with lies, gossip,
accusation, criticism, faultfinding and
slander (Job 41:19; Rev. 12:15)
• Is behind lies and deception (He goes
after a person’s good name and integrity.
• Carries an attitude of superiority,
haughtiness, boasting and arrogance.
The Spirit of Leviathan:
In order for one to overcome this
principality, they must humble themselves
before God; allow God to fight the battle;
claim God’s promises (Isaiah 54:17); live
in truth in every area of their life; use the
authority given in Jesus name to bind the
force and denounce any pride that might
exist within ones life.
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