Spring Terminal Technology

Spring Terminal Technology
Introduction to CAGE CLAMP® and
Mersen’s spring terminal technology
Spring Terminal Technology
Mersen Spring Terminals versus Screw Terminals
Wire surrounded
on all four sides
Wire retention spring reinforces
high contact pressure
“S” bend provides
defined contact area
Spring Terminal Technology
The Spring Terminal Advantage
– Higher Degree of Reliability
• Low contact resistance
• Vibration, corrosion and temperature cycling resistant
– Lower Total System Cost
• Material and labor
– Increased Ease-of-Use
• Tool-free, simple to operate
– CAGE CLAMP has over 25 years of field experience and
Spring Terminal Technology
Higher Reliability – Contact Resistance
– Every electrical connection resists the flow of electrons
– As the flow is impeded, voltage is lost, heat is generated
– Contact resistance of screw terminals can vary as vibration,
corrosion and temperature cycling impact the contact point
Micro-scale image of two contact surfaces
– Spring terminal technology has very low contact resistance
which is maintained over time even in hostile environments
Spring Terminal Technology
Higher Reliability – Performance Under Vibration
– Tested under vibration to 2000 Hz, acceleration up to 80G
– Tested for resonant frequencies from 5Hz to 250Hz
– Tested to shocks of 109G in the X, Y and Z-axis
– No contact failure, no wire damage, maintenance free
Spring Terminal Technology
Higher Reliability – Performance Under Corrosion
– Spring terminal material is made of corrosion resistant material
(stainless steel)
– Tin-plated current carrying bar ensures gas-tight connection
Spring Terminal Technology
Higher Reliability – Performance Under Temperature Cycling
– As temperatures fluctuate metals expand and contract
– Different metals expand and contract at different rates and
conductors deform
– Screw terminals are static, expansion and contraction will have a
negative impact on contact pressure
– Spring terminals are dynamic and will compensate for
Spring Terminal Technology
Lower Total Cost – Material and Labor
– Reduce installation time by up to 75% by installing conductors
without the need for tools or torque specifications
– Flip open and close the terminal lever in just seconds
– Maintenance free, spring terminals eliminate the need for routine
screw terminal re-tightening
Spring Terminal Technology
Increased Ease-of-Use
– No tools required – Wire can be inserted and terminated into the
fuseholder without the use of a screwdriver or other tools
– Simple to operate – No torque specs to follow, just open and close
terminal via the lever
– Superior connection every time, independent of operator skill
Terminal Closed
Terminal Open
Spring Terminal Technology
Features and Benefits – Summary
Low contact resistance
Superior performance under vibration
Corrosion resistant
Superior performance under temperature cycling
Total Cost
Reduce installation time by up to 75%
Maintenance Free
No tool required
Superior connection independent of operator skill
Spring Terminal Technology
Product Offering
– USG series fuseholder now available for class CC (USGCC),
midget class (USGM) and photovoltaic midget class (USGM-HEL)
– Mersen is the first manufacturer to offer screw-less, spring
pressure, wire termination technology into a power fuseholder,
delivering the best of both technologies to its customers
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