Creating a thesis statement

Creating a thesis statement
• Informs the reader what the essay will be
• Thesis statement = Topic plus Opinion
• Remember: you can share your opinion
without saying “I” or “the reader”
Basic Formula – Three prong
• Transition + subject + opinion + points 1, 2,
and 3
• However, Sinclair Ross successfully develops
the women’s characters through his
description of prairie life, the harsh realities of
their marriages and the experiences they
But what if you want more than 5
• You can still use the three prong formula, but
have more than one paragraph per point.
• Generally, you wouldn’t make a four prong
statement – you would make a larger
statement instead.
• Sinclair Ross creates realistic portraits of
prairie women in his short stories.
Other formulas
• In (title of work), (author) (illustrates, shows)
(aspect) (adjective).
• In The Snow Walker, Charles Martin Smith
shows the characters Charlie and Kanalaaq
struggling for their identity.
• In (title of work), (author) uses (one aspect) to
(define, strengthen, illustrate) the (element of
• In “The Painted Door,” Sinclair Ross uses the
prairie environment to strengthen the plot.
• In (title of work), (author) uses (an important
part of work) as a unifying device for (one
element), (another element), and (another
• In “The Lamp at Noon,” Sinclair Ross uses the
prairie as a unifying device for setting,
structure and theme.
• (Author) develops the character of
(character’s name) in (literary work) through
what he/she does, what he/she says, what
other people say to or about him/her.
• Smith Martin develops the character of
Charlie in The Snow Walker through his
actions, his words and the behaviours of the
fellow pilots.
• In (title of work), (author) uses (literary
device) to (accomplish, develop, illustrate,
strengthen) (element of work).
• In “The Painted Door”, Ross uses the
symbolism of the winter storm to develop the
theme of isolation.
• (Author) (shows, develops, illustrates) the
theme of __________ in the (play, poem,
• Sinclair Ross illustrates the theme of the effect
of isolation in “The Lamp at Noon”.
• (Author) develops his character(s) in (title of
work) through his/her use of language.
• Sinclair Ross develops his characters in “The
Painted Door” through his use of figurative
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