Protected Cultivation
Growing plants under cover in greenhouses, cold frames,
polytunnels , cloches and conservatories
Traditional span
An ideal setting within the
vegetable garden for raising
seedlings and crops such as
tomatoes, peppers aubergines
and chillies
Vertical sides with vents, even
span roof with vents
The painted timber frame is
attractive, but requires regular
The wood base, panelled up
to the staging level, provides
some insulation, but reduces
space available to grow plants
Traditional metal
frame greenhouses
Aluminium is now the most
popular material for
constructing the frame.
Cheaper and easier to
maintain than wood.
Narrower glazing bars allow
more light to enter.
Glazing extends to the floor
providing plenty of space
for growing plants
Traditional span
Brick base improves
insulation and reduces
heating costs, but reduces
space available for growing
Paved floor means plants
cannot be grown directly in
the soil
Traditional Span
Traditional span
6 foot x 6 foot metal frame
clad with twin walled
polycarbonate panels
Dutch Light
Sloping sides allow more
light to enter than in a
traditional house
Crops are grown directly in
the soil (border)
Large panes of glass are
expensive to replace
Dutch light lean to
Ideal for a south or west facing
Brick absorbs heat during the
day and then releases it at night,
reducing need for heating
Interconnecting door or French
windows allow direct access to
and from the house
Ideal for growing mainly
decorative plants
Installing electricity, mains gas
or water is cheaper and easier
when adjacent to the house
Slanting roof and side
panels deigned to allow
maximum light penetration
Especially suitable for plants
that need maximum light
during winter e.g. winter
flowering pot plants
Galvanised steel tubular
arches covered with
polythene film
Low cost form of
Much more vulnerable to
wind damage than
conventional greenhouses.
Polythene film is UV stable,
but needs replacing
Mainly used for producing
salad crops, strawberries
and for protecting
container grown stock
Cold frame
Available with metal or
wooden frames with glazed
or solid sides
Useful for hardening off
plants, winter protection of
semi ripe or hardwood
Traditional barn
Wire frame with sheets of
Used for establishment of
transplants and hardening
Overwintering of autumn
sown crops
Warming soil prior to
Excludes some pests e.g.
birds and cats
Lantern cloche
This shows a new version
of a classic design
Decorative style useful in
ornamental gardens
Protection of individual
plants or clumps of plants
Floating cloche
Fleece fabric used a frost
protection and protection
from predators
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