Selling Your Home
Larry Williams - Real Living Real Estate Agent
My Mission
To help you attain the highest possible
price in the shortest amount of time while
negotiating the details and representing your
best interests.
• Auction specialist
• Dale Carnegie Graduate
• Past Zig Ziglar Associate
Larry Williams
• Active member of WCAR (women's council of realtors)
• Active member REIA (real estate investors association)
• Member of National and Michigan Association of Realtors (NAR) (MAR)
• Bachelors degree from Anderson University
My Company – Real Living Real Estate
Launched as the 7th largest real estate brokerage in America.
Named the Most Productive Agents In The Nation – REALTOR® Magazine
Named The Most Promising New Brand – the Swanepoel TRENDS Report.
Merged with GMAC Real Estate to create one of America’s leading residential
real estate firms with the right agents, marketing and technology to provide you
with outstanding service.
My Company – Real Living Real Estate
More than 400 offices and nearly 10,000 agents
2006 - earned the Inman Innovator Award as the
Most Innovative Real Estate Franchise
2008 - named the “Most Promising National
Brand” by Swanepoel TRENDS Report
2009 - named one of the “Top Ten Newsmakers”
by Swanepoel TRENDS Report
2010 - our President, Harley E. Rouda, Jr., was
recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Influential
Leaders in Real Estate by Inman
Our National Satisfaction Rating for 2010
Our buyer and seller clients
awarded us with a 96%
Customer Satisfaction Rating.
Through the annual National
Association of Realtors Profile
of Buyers and Sellers, we can
compare ourselves against a
national average.
Our rating is far above the
industry satisfaction rating
of 81%.
All above, 2010 GMAC Real Estate survey results. The GMAC Real Estate brand was retired and rebranded to Real Living, January 1, 2011.
My Customer Satisfaction Rating
Judy and Glenn Watson
"November 11, 2005
John Holland
"June 9, 2005
Dear Larry:
Dear Mr. Williams,
What a roller coaster ride!! We wanted to thank you for your professionalism
and friendship. It has been a wonderful alliance. Glenn met you at the Auburn
Hills Home Show last spring and you came to talk to us even though it was an
hour of driving and no guarantee of being hired. We were so impressed by
what Century 21 Town and Country had to offer and your tenacity that we
asked you to represent us. We've never regretted that decision.
My wife and I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you did in
selling our Detroit home. After enduring a negative experience with an
Oakland County realtor, we were grateful to have a sense of comfort and trust
upon meeting you. The fact that our house sat on the market for four months
without a single showing left me discouraged and a little skeptical and bitter
toward suburban realtors. You may remember how I bombarded you with a
myriad of questions regarding the level of interest and commitment suburban
realtors have in selling Detroit homes. I'm sure my wife would appreciate me
using this time to thank you for tolerating my initial approach. I have to admit
that your patience and willingness to explain how homes are listed turned me
Your excellent marketing got us showing as soon as the house was put on the
market. The first two parties to look at the house made offers. WHEW!! Even
though the offer we previously accepted did not work out, you worked
tirelessly to get additional showings. We had a record 18 showings and
another offer in just a few weeks. The second offer closed in two weeks. WE
Thanks for your patience when we called you at odd times of the day and
evening and for answering those questions that only someone with your
expertise can answer. I noticed at the bottom of your business card that you
have a statement that says 'WE MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE.' This is true
for Glenn and I and for the young couple that bought our home.
Larry, we truly enjoyed working with you.
Also, we were amazed to see all the advertising options your office uitilize, and
impressed with your knowledge of Detroit and the real estate market overall.
But most amazing of all is the length of time our house sat on the market. In
just two short weeks we had an offer, and it was definitely the result of your
efforts. I would recommend you to anyone. In fact, I already have.
John Holland"
Glenn Watson
Judy Watson"
My Customer Satisfaction Rating
Janet Baron
"November 14, 2005
Cindy and Dan Leckvarcik
"December 16, 2008
Dear Larry,
Dear Larry,
Bruce and I would like to thank you for your efforts in finding us a new home.
It was a big step for us because we had lived in the same house for almost 30
years. We had a few ideas about what we were looking for in our new home,
but it seemed that our priorities changed from week to week the more houses
we looked at. You very patiently listened to our observations and comments
and came up with several new houses before presented us with ones you
thought would fit our requirements. In the end I think we surprised ourselves
as well as you by choosing a home on a pond, a feature we didn't think was
important to us until we stood in the kitchen and looked out over the water.
We would like to thank you again for having done such a wonderful job for us.
Never in a million years did we think we would be out of our home so fast! In
fact we had a problem to resolve because of it; we are taking a cruise over the
holidays with all of our family, and since we really beleived we were going
nowhere fast, in July, we had booked out airfare out of Detroit! Needless to say,
we had to work on getting all that rearranged to be able to fly from our area!
But it was a great problem to have.
You explained the whole buying process, step-by-step, the myriad of forms
that were to be signed, and you responded quickly to all our calls and
questions. We will never know all the work that went on behind the scenes,
but we do know that everything went smoothly from beginning to end and we
feel very fortunate to have had this association with you.
Janet Baron"
We have been in contact with the people that bought our home, and they are
loving their decision. She e-mailed me that now that she is there, she doesn't
know why she was considering the ranch. So we are pleased that it has worked
out for everyone involved.
The best to you and yours this holiday season. Merry Christmas!
Cindy and Dan Leckvarcik
My Roles and Responsibilities
I will listen to your goals, always be responsive, share
customer feedback promptly and use my professional
skills to assure your home sells quickly.
Comparative Home Analysis
Estimate of Proceeds
Seller Updates
Financing Options
Customer Feedback
Seller Disclosure Documents
Merchandising Recommendations
My Roles and Responsibilities
I will help you evaluate offers and steadfastly
represent your interests throughout the sale,
always respecting your confidentiality.
Review Offers
Expedite Buyer’s Offer
Finalize Purchase Agreement
Answer Objections
Negotiate Price and Terms
Complete Negotiations
Contract Contingencies
My Roles and Responsibilities
I will develop and implement a 360º Marketing plan,
and work to ensure that the sale is finalized,
smoothly and efficiently to your satisfaction.
Promote to Real Living Agents
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Promote to Local
Real Estate Agents
Multiple Listing Service
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Anytime. Anywhere. Everyday. Everywhere.
Office Phone: 248-651-1200
Cell Phone: 248-917-2323
My Web Site:
My policy on returning calls: “I always answer my phone unless I
am in a meeting or on the phone. Immediate communication is very
important to me and save everyone time!”
Meet My Team
At Your Service
Case Delange – Office Manager
Jessica Norlock – Executive Assistant
Shelly Johnson – Sales Assistant
Real Steps – Pricing Your Home
What is Your Home Worth?
Comparative Home Analysis
• Your reference to sales price of
similar properties
• Guide to developing listing price
Real Steps – Pricing Your Home
Price is Influenced by Several Factors
• Proximity to area amenities, schools and destinations
• Access to major highways and public transportation
Property Condition
• Structural and mechanical systems
• Curb appeal and décor
• Staging for sale
Market Condition
• Interest rates and financing options
• Competition from other homes
• Economy and consumer confidence
Real Steps – Maximizing Your Sale
Interest is Highest
in First Few Weeks
Finding the Right Buyers
Real Estate Consumers
• 90% of buyers start online
• 24/7 access
• The best sites have photos, videos,
information on taxes, features,
neighborhoods and more.
Real Living Websites –
The Most Important Place to List Your Home with Nearly 1.15 million Page Views Each Month
Real Living’s internet strategy focuses on:
Promoting Seller Listings across the web
Attracting Qualified Home Buyers
Exceptional Online Engagement
Incenting User Registration & Regular Use
The Real Living Consumer site increases:
Search Visibility to Local Home Buyers
Internet Listing Channel Partnerships
On site Experience and Lead Funneling
Lead Routing & Management Features
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Listing Enhancements – Photos & Property Information
Your Property is Featured with:
Photos - #1 Feature for Buyers
• We can display unlimited photos of your home
• More photos help sell listings
• Virtual tour links
Neighborhood Information
• Schools, mapping and neighborhood info
Buyers Can:
Schedule a Viewing
Calculate a Mortgage
Share with their social network
Traditional Marketing – Other Media
Media or methods I take advantage of in this market:
Monthly Real Estate magazine ad
Monthly/ weekly newsletter and e-mail blasts
Networking events- auctions, real-estate associations, open houses, national convention etc.
Home flyers, yard signs and internet placement
Selling Your House is a Complex Process
I’m with you every step
of the way.
Let’s Get To Work!
My Mission
To help you attain the highest possible
price in the shortest amount of time while
negotiating the details and steadfastly
representing your interests.
Larry Williams
I’m ready to put
Premier Service®
to work for you!