The Formation of the National Assembly and Tennis Court Oath

By: Elijah Bartholomew and Chad Petipren
 Formed so that the issues over the estates general
could be resolved.
-the third estate wanted some real power because
they made up most of the population(96%)
-the third estate wanted voting by head and not
by order
-the third estate refused to justify the
documentation until the issue of voting was resolved
-the third estate mainly formed the national
assembly because Louis XVI treated them poorly and
they wanted to get the power they deserved
 The third estate formed the national
assembly because there was unfair
voting procedures.
-they wanted voting by head and not
by order because they felt
uncomfortable with it
 May 5: The government opens the estates general
 May 6: Debate over voting procedures
 June 13: The first clergyman joined the 3rd estate
 June 17: The newly formed National Assembly
stated that voting should be done by order
 June 24: Most of the clergy decided to join the
National Assembly
 Was the result of the growing discontent of the
third estate in France of the King Louis XVI’s
desire to stay with the countries history of absolute
- the oath was to never be disperse until
France had a new constitution
- the new constitution of 1791 meant the tennis
court oath was upheld
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