Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
Bernard and Dante
Bernard led Dante
to Mary and then to
a vision of God that
united him to “the
Love that moves the
sun and the other
Bernard Goes to Clairvaux
Clairvaux was the
first foundation, but
eventually there
were 68 others.
Preaching Crusade in 1146
Bernard’s preaching
a crusade was the
dark spot on his life,
although he tried to
make it a spiritual
event rather than
simply another holy
Interpreting Scripture
The basis of
interpreting scripture
must be the
personal experience
of the love of God.
Only then could
scripture be properly
The Path of Love
“On the path
leading to God,
the point of
departure is
humility and the
point of
destination is
If God loves us, then
we can accept
ourselves. In
learning to accept
ourselves as we are,
we also begin to
love others as they
Bernard on Mary
Mary’s consent to
the action of God is
the most excellent
model we have of
what it means to
become a Christian.
“It does not behoove
thee, O man, to
cross the seas, to
penetrate the
clouds, or to climb
the Alps in search of
God…Seek no
further than thy own
soul; there wilt thou
find thy God!”