Formal: Informal

How-to-Dress for a Job
Job Fair Dress Tips:
 Your appearance expresses motivation and professionalism; it
creates respect for yourself
Dress up rather than down; dress on the conservative side
Pay attention to detail- from head to toe!
Always pick and lay out your outfit the night before
Do your research- see what companies will be at the fair
beforehand and if they have a dress code/dress standards
Positive Body Language
 You want to always come off to others as open, receptive to
conversation, and a willing listener
Facial expression: pleasant smile
Hands: still and relaxed
Eyes: steady and frequent eye-contact
Head: still and straight
Posture: straight and relaxed spine
Arms: avoid crossing arms
Formal Business- Men
 A clean, pressed two-piece matching suit is essential
 Safe suit colors options are: black, dark grey, dark brown, or
 Shirt should be long-sleeve in colors like: white, yellow, blue,
green or black depending on suit color
 Tie should be silk material and complement the color of the
suit and shirt. The pattern should be simple like stripes or a
solid color
 Shoes should be either dark brown or black leather dress
shoes with dark socks
Informal Business- Men
 Possible combinations:
 Slacks with a long-sleeved shirt and tie
 A sports coat with matching slacks
 Khaki pants with a long-sleeved shirt and tie
 A nice sweater or blazer with slacks
 A watch is a nice touch
 No sneakers
Formal Business vs. Informal
Business for Men
 Formal:
 Informal:
Formal Business- Women
 Wear a two-piece suit in dark colors: 2 options:
 Pants and a jacket or a knee-length skirt and a jacket
 Wear both options with a conservative blouse and dark tights
if it’s fall or winter
 A moderate closed-toe heel in black, grey, or brown
 Accessories can dress up any suit (i.e. a necklace, colorful
scarf, belt, watch, etc.)
Informal Business- Women
 Possible combinations:
 An appropriate dress (i.e.- wrap dress)
 Khakis or slacks with a blouse
 A skirt and blouse
 Any jewelry or accessories to spice up the outfit!
Formal Business vs. Informal
Business for Women
 Formal:
 Informal:
Appropriate Grooming Tips
 Keep hair clean and trimmed
 Men should be clean shaven and/or keep facial hair neatly
Keep fingernails neat and trimmed
Keep teeth brushed and breath fresh
Use perfumes/colognes sparingly
Women should wear light and natural looking make-up
Shower daily and use deodorant
Don’t smell like smoke!
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