Soo Locks History

Soo Locks
 Lake
Superior and Lake Huron
 St. Mary’s River
 Sault St. Marie
How The Soo Locks Work
 The
gates open; the boat goes
in; the gates close; water
fills up the boat goes to a
higher or lower level.
 The boats transport the goods.
Building The Soo Locks
 The
locks were built in 1885.
 The winter was hard because of the snow covering
the tools and the workers caught diseases.
 The rapids took at least an hour to portage the
 The Michigan government gave more money to
support the Soo Locks.
Who The Locks Helped
 The
locks helped most
stores and the Detroit
and Clevelend
 It also helped the
mining companies.
Who Runs The Locks
U.S. Army
The main person is
Lieutenant Colonel
Donald P. Lauzone.
Rapids In Locks!!!
The Resources.
 The
capital resources are the locks.
 The human resources are the conductor.
 The natural resources are the water.
The Services
Working for someone like the conductor
letting in all the boats and either putting
them higher or lower.
Fun Facts! 
 The
boat go
up or down.
 Riding the
 Watching the
We hope you learned a lot!
Nobody was harmed during this slide
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