Jaun Ponce DeLeon

Juan Ponce DeLeon
By Hannah Hoffmann
In The Beggining
His name was Ponce DeLeon .
 The country he sailed for was Spain.
 He explored in the year of 1513.
Ponce DeLeon’s Early Life
Ponce DeLeon was born in Sines
Germany, December 3rd 1460.
 When Ponce DeLeon was a child, he
wanted to be an explorer, and explore a
new land.
 He died 1521
What He Was Looking For
He was looking for spices, jewels, silks,
and more.
 He was really looking for the ledendary
fountain of youth. Which would make your
age very different.
 He also went to Florida to search riches
and fame, for his family.
The Route He Took
The route that Ponce
DeLeon took him from
Puerto Rico to San
Salvador, and
He started his route
at 1513.
When he started his
route, he was 30-40
years old.
Challenges He Faced
By loosing his hand from a rare disease.
 Having strong weather like storms and
wave tides.
 He had war with another ship on seas.
 He got shot with a arrow that had sap
 He had to face an Indian attack.
Discoveries He Made
He discovered Florida.
 He could not make anymore discoveries,
because he died from an Indian attack.
Other Facts !!!!!!
He was the first explorer to claim part of
the North American main land for Spain.
 He helped crush Indian revolts on the
Island of Hispaniola and was rewarded.
 He was married to Mary Leon, and had 4
kids. There names were Luis, Juana,
Maria, and Isabell.
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