A Map For Future - Space Exploration

Our Mission
What is it All About ?
“Living and Working in Space”
The National Space Society Vision is;
“People living and working in thriving communities Beyond the Earth and
the use of the vast resources of space for the dramatic betterment of humanity”
The Vision Embraces Both;
Space as a second home for humanity
Beneficial use of space resources
The Full Roadmap is available at
Roadmap to Space Settlement
Part I
Governments (Avant Guard)
Non Government Efforts
Public, Commercial, and Private
Profitable Businesses
What are the Steps ?
Part IV (Moon)
Milestone 10: Robotic Confirmation of Lunar Resources.
Milestone 11: A Lunar Research Facility.
Milestone 12: A Government/Industry Lunar Base.
Milestone 13: A Lunar Settlement.
Part II (Low Earth Orbit)
Milestone 1: Continuous Occupancy in Low Earth Orbit.
Milestone 2:Higher Commercial Launch Rates and Lower Cost to Orbit.
Milestone 3: An Integrated Cislunar Space Transportation System.
Milestone 4: Legal Protection for Property Rights.
Milestone 5: Land Grants or Other Economic Incentives.
Part V (Mars)
Milestone 6: Technology for Adequate Self-Sufficiency.
Milestone 14: Robotic Exploration of Mars for Local Resources.
Milestone 15: Creation of a Logistics System for Transporting
Humans and Cargo to the Martian Surface.
Milestone 16: A Continuously Occupied Multi-Purpose Base.
Milestone 17: A True Martian Settlement (Self-sufficient).
Part III
Milestone 7: Application of Space Technology on and for Earth.
Milestone 8: Space-Based Solar Power System (SSP).
Milestone 9: A Workable Asteroid Protection System. (& Harvesting)
Part V1 (Asteroids)
Part VII (Orbital Space Settlements)
Part VIII (Interstellar Travel)
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