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Nicknamed as “The Heart of India”, Madhya Pradesh is a state in central India.

Madhya Pradesh literally means "Central Province", and is located between latitude 21.2°N 26.87°N and longitude 74°02'-82°49' E.


Capital- Bhopal

Largest city- Indore

Districts- 50

Area- 308,252 km

2 

Population 72,597,565

Official language Hindi


 Forest area- 94,689 sq. km (30.72% of total area)  Predominantly black soil  Narmada and Tapti are the 2 major westward flowing rivers of the state.


Subtropical climate

Hot dry summer (April –June), followed by monsoon rains (July –September) and a cool and relatively dry winter.

Average rainfall- 1370 mm (53.9 in)


• The state is home to 9 National parks and 25 sanctuaries. • 3 out of India’s 18 biosphere reserves are located here!

• Kanha National Park of the state is one of the first nine protected areas nominated under the Project Tiger policy.

• Madhya Pradesh is designated as the 'Tiger State' as it houses 19% of India's tiger population and 10% of the global tiger population.

• Based on composition, the teak and sal forests are the important forest formations in the state.

• Bamboo-bearing areas are widely distributed in the state.

• Barasingha (swamp dear)is the state animal and Dudhraj (Asian paradise flycatcher) is the state bird of Madhya Pradesh.



• Bhils belong to race of pre-Aryans.

• Talented in sculptured work.

• Ghoomar is the well known dance form of Bhil culture.

Gonds tribe

• One of the largest tribal groups in South Asia and perhaps the world.

• Have a rich arts tradition that include pottery, basket making, body tattooing, floor painting and making musical instruments.


 They are genetically linked to the Indo Australian aboriginal group.

 The Baiga are fierce protectors and worshippers of the forest and mother nature.

 Tattooing is an integral part of their culture.

Saharia tribe

 The tribe members believe in Hinduism.   Particularly skilled in making ‘catechu’ from khair trees.

Main business is gathering & selling of forest wood, Gum, Tendu leaf, Honey, Mahua and medicinal herbs.



It was built around 8th century on an isolated hillock overlooking the Gwalior town.

It is one of the biggest forts in India and had enormous influence on the history of India.


Khajuraho Group of Monuments in Khajuraho, a town in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, located in Chhatarpur District, about 620 kilometres (385 mi) southeast of New Delhi, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.

Khajuraho has the largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their erotic sculptures.

Known for its "Stupas", it is the location of several Buddhist monuments dating from the 3rd century BCE to the 12th CE and is one of the important places of Buddhist pilgrimage.

Toranas surround the Stupa and they each represent love, peace, trust, and courage.


Mahakaleshwar Jyotirling

One of the most famous Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiv and is one of the twelve Jyotirlings, which are supposed to be the most sacred abodes of Shiv. It is located in the ancient city of Ujjain in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.

A ruined city in the present day Mandav area of the Dhar district.

In the 11th century, Mandu was the sub division of the Tarangagadh or Taranga kingdom .This fortress town on a rocky outcrop about 100 km (62 mi) from Indore is celebrated for its fine architecture.


DEEWALI : Festival of lights

D e e p a w a l i l i t e r a l l y m e a n s a n a r r a y o f l a m p s i s t h e F e s t i v a l o f L i g h t s . D e e p a w a l i s y m b o l i z e s t h e v i c t o r y o f r i g h t e o u s n e s s a n d t h e l i f t i n g o f s p i r i t u a l d a r k n e s s .

D e e p a w a l i i s a f e s t i v a l t h a t l a s t s 5 d a y s


Festival of colours

H o l i i s a fe s t i v a l o f f u n a n d ga i e t y f o r p e o p l e o f a l l a g e s . B o n f i r e s a r e l i t a n d p e o p l e s m e a r c o l o rs o n e a c h o t h e r. H o l i s i g n i f i e s t h e s t a r t o f s p r i n g a n d e n d o f w i n t e r. P e o p l e c e l e b ra te t h e n e w h a r v e s t a n d r e t u r n o f c o l o r i n n a t u r e .

E i d u l - F i t r " fe st i va l o f b re a k i n g o f t h e fa st " ) , , i s a n i m p o r ta nt re l i g i o u s h o l i d ay c e l e b rate d b y M u s l i m s wo r l d w i d e t h at m a r ks t h e e n d o f R a m a d a n , t h e I s l a m i c h o l y m o nt h o f Roza ( fa st i n g ) . T h e h o l y d ay c e l e b rate s t h e co n c l u s i o n o f t h e 2 9 o r 3 0 d ays o f d aw n to - s u n s e t fa st i n g d u r i n g t h e e nt i re m o nt h o f R a m a d a n .



The Adivasi Lok Kala Academy of Madhya Pradesh organizes this festival every year on the Indian Republic Day (26th January).

Tansen Sangeet Samaroh MALWA UTSAV

In Gwalior - Classical instrumental and vocal shows held during the month of November or December where some of the best performers of the country perform.

In Indore and Ujjain Performances on classical music and folk arts of the country.

Fabrics of M.P.


• Saris has checks, strips or small butis. • Use of Zari and Kinari makes it unique.

• Hand woven


• Sheer texture, glossy transparency and light weight.

• Gold coated, silver coated and copper coated.

• Have rich gold border.

• Traditional butti is called

Asharfi Butti.


 This bold and vibrant hand block Bagh printing has its origins in Bagh village in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh and from where it also derives its name ‘Bagh prints’.

 Natural colors are extracted through various raw materials.

 Bagh prints are characterized by geometrical patterns of floral motifs, usually using tones of black, red and blue


Some popularly eaten staples

Workmens Breakfast

Poha-Jalebi is the most prominent of meals in Madhya Pradesh, which is essentially cooked flattened rice, with sev.

Always goes hand in hand with a jalebi, which happens to be a sweet.

Kings Luncheon

DAL BAFLA Dal Bhafla is round breads baked in an electric oven or gas oven or tandoor. In ancient days, this dish was baked over firewood and was served with ghee. Bafla is a variation of Bhati. The dough is the same for both except for bafla, which is boiled in water to get the tenderness before it is baked in oven.

Sarafa-Indore Chatori Gali,Bhopal

Sarafa, Indore - A distinct market for Gold during the day and Food during the night, this place is open nightlong and is known for its jalebis and sweetdishes.

Chatori Gali Bhopal- Very popular for its Non_vegetarian delicacies, ranging from Rogan Josh, to Bhopali Kebabs, which not only sound good but taste heavenly.

No meal in India is complete without that essential cup of tea, and so it goes for the land of Madhya Pradesh.

Raju Tea Stall in Bhopal is claimed to add that little twist to its tea, thanks to the pinch of afeem (weed) it is claimed to add.

The Army Of Ants

The Regions of Chattisgarh (neighbouring state of M.P.), is quite distinguished for its chutney made of ants and ant eggs. Popularly Claimed by Gordon Ramsey, he would never be eating a mango chutney again, this is one of the most popular cuisine of Chattisgarh.

We welcome you to visit our state and enjoy the experience! THANK YOU !