Resorts World Sentosa

What is that ?
*The view of Sentosa
*The Merlion
*The view of Sentosa
Hotel inquiry:
1.Can your rooms really see the view of aquarium ?
May we verify if you are pertaining to Beach Villa’s Ocean Suite, which is
partially submerged in SEA Aquarium? Kindly provide us your desired check-in date for
us to check the availability and rate.
2.Can I really touch the stingray?
With regards to Ray Bay, interaction allows guest to engage in a
multisensory experience with the rays. The experience will offer a close up
encounter with the animals in a safe and controlled environment.
3.Is your resort located in Santosa? If so , how can I get to
Beach Villa is located at the West part of Resorts World Sentosa.
1.If you are taking the MRT, please alight at Harbourfront Station.
2.Take Exit B walk to bus station located out the Vivo city, take RWS8
Bus to Resorts World Sentosa. The fare would be $2 for two way.
3.Take Exit E and walk to Sentosa Station with Sentosa Express line.
Alight at the Waterfront Station. The fare price would be S$4.00 for two way.
Resorts World Sentosa
hotel—places to stay
Hard Rock Hotel
Ocean Suites
Festive Hotel
Equariu Hotel
Hotel — room
With a sight of the aquarium.
Upper layer
Hotel — entertainment
Thank you!
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