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A Tearfund Prayer Resource
During 2012 Syria descended into civil war. Hundreds of thousands people
have been driven from their homes.
78% of refugees are women and children.
Tearfund has been closely monitoring and praying for the situation in Syria
for more than a year – and is supporting people displaced by the conflict.
Reuters/Majed Jaber
A Tearfund Prayer Resource
Nearly 700,000 refugees have fled Syria. Many more are homeless.
Yussef and his Mum and Dad spent most of their family savings escaping
to Lebanon.
The family cleared rubbish from an old concrete dump – their new home.
They now face a winter of sub-zero temperatures.
A Tearfund Prayer Resource
Agencies working in the region are struggling to keep up with the growing
need; more support is needed urgently.
Reports suggest that the situation is worsening. This is an urgent
humanitarian crisis affecting millions of people.
REUTERS/Muhammed Hamed
A Tearfund Prayer Resource
Tearfund’s focus is helping people who have been displaced from their
homes. We’re working through partner agencies to help people find food
and shelter; eventually we hope to help people return home.
We expect our response to extend over a number of years and we’ll spread
the funds we raise to enable this to happen.
REUTERS/Muhammed Hamed
A Tearfund Prayer Resource
In Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq hundreds of thousands of Syrian children are
facing a winter of freezing temperatures.
REUTERS/Ali Jarekji
A Tearfund Prayer Resource
Millions have been affected
by the crisis.
Tearfund is appealing for
your support and asking
you to join us in prayer.
A Tearfund Prayer Resource
Please join Tearfund in praying for:
• the safety of those fleeing the country
• that families will not lose each other as they travel
• families as they come to terms with the loss of loved ones
• all those supporting the relief effort in Syria and neighbouring countries
• wisdom for Tearfund staff and partners as we respond to this worsening crisis
• peace to come quickly
A Tearfund Prayer Resource
Jesus wept.
Precious God, what makes you weep?
What are the things in this world that break your heart? (silence)
Glorious God we pray for the nation of Syria.
We ask for your mercy.
We pray for children who have lost parents and parents, children.
The voiceless, who sleep to the rhythm of their tears.
For all those who are chained by fear, O God please bring peace.
Lord, we pray that you may raise up peacemakers and those with generous
loving hearts.
We ask that you may give discernment and wisdom to leaders and others with
influence, that a road of peace may be found.
May justice flow and bring healing to this land.
For the honour of your name, Amen.
(Written by Dr Fred Drummond, National Director of the Evangelical Alliance in Scotland, and UK
Director of Prayer)
In my distress I called to the Lord;
I cried to my God for help.
From his temple he heard my voice;
my cry came before him into his ears. (Psalm 18:6)
To find out more,
and to donate to Tearfund’s Syria Crisis Appeal
Thank you for being part of a Christian response
to the suffering in Syria.
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