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Why Do People Migrate Within a Country?



• • • Migration between regions within the United States.

Migration between regions in other countries.

Migration within one region.

Migration Between Regions Within the United States • •

Colonial Settlement:

population concentration along Atlantic coast. Why?

Intervening obstacles (mountains, thick forests, and hostile Indians)

• •

Early Settlement in the

Interior: transportation improvement opened up settlement. How?

Erie Canal linked NYC to Great Lakes. Allowed farmers to move west.

Migration Between Regions Within the United States

Migration Between Regions Within the United States • Migration to California: Gold Rush & unsuitable farm land in the great plains rapidly sped the way for the population center to shift west.

Migration Between Regions Within the United States • •

Settlement of the Great

Plains: rate slowed westward b/c European migration Land grants and technological improvements to farm Great Plains

Migration Between Regions Within the United States

• •

Recent growth of the

South: pop moved 250 miles west (1940 to 2000). Moved southward 75 mi. Why?

Jobs and climate (area known = Sunbelt)

Migration Between Regions in Other Countries • • • • Russia: built mines and factories near raw materials.

Far North: 45% of land (< 2% pop) solution?

Forced migration Collapse of USSR: ended government sponsored “optimal locations” for factories.


• New Capital: Brazil moved capital 600 miles to the interior. Why?


• • Indonesia: incentives to move from Java (2/3 pop) to other islands.

One-way air ticket, 5 acres, building material, seeds, and pesticides, and a year worth of rice.


• Follow the $$$: former colonies and poorer European countries migrated North and West.


• Gov. Permits: limit migration within to protect local economies and ethnic identity.

Migration Within One Region • • • Urbanization Trend MDC: ¾ urban population LDC: since 1982 same trend is happening (23% to 42% in Asia)

Migration from urban to Suburban Areas • • • MDC: intraregional migration from cities to suburbs (2:1 ratio) Pull factor: NOT JOBS but WHAT?

Bigger, access, & more privacy

Migration from Urban to Rural Areas • • • • Counterurbanization WHY?

: MDC experienced more people moving to rural than moving to urban. Rat race versus the farm What makes it possible?

Modern communications & transportation

Gentrification : the restoration of run-down urban areas by the middle class (resulting in the displacement of low-income residents).