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No to 70 Million
The Implications of Current Levels of Migration
UK Population Today
The UK population in 2011 was 63
 Government forecasts project that this
will hit 70 million by 2027
 Of this increase, 68% will be the result of
Population Projections
Net Migration to the UK on an
entirely new scale…
Public Opinion
Immigration to the UK by Reason
Asylum 1991-2011 – No longer a problem
in terms of numbers
Implications for Projected
Household Formation
More single
housholds and
Migration accounts for over a third of projected additional future
household formation, requiring 200 houses to be built every day for
the next 20 years…
Balanced Migration – In a Nutshell
Balanced Migration would seek to bring
the number of immigrants into line with
the number of emigrants
 The main change would be to control the
number of non-EU migrants who are
given the right to settle
permanently in the United Kingdom
Balanced Migration – What it is not
Balanced Migration…
◦ Does not require the United Kingdom to leave the
European Union
◦ Does not mean that the United Kingdom would have
to stop offering refuge for genuine asylum seekers
◦ Does not prevent employers from bringing in key staff
from outside the European Union
The Benefits of Balanced Migration
Balances the need for a competitive economy with the costs
of a rapidly growing population
Provides, as the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee
recommended, a “reasoned target range for net immigration”
to which immigration policies could be adjusted
Reduces pressure on the environment, NHS, schools and
Encourages British industry and commerce to train British
Improves the prospects for integrating newcomers into
Reduces the drain of talented and educated people from the
developing who need their skills more than we do
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