The Push Pull Factor

By Teresa Potter, OKAGE Teacher Consultant
What is
The movement of
people from one place
in the world to another
for the purpose of
taking up permanent
or semi-permanent
residence, usually
across a political
Types of Migration
 Step Migration
 Internal
 External
 Emigration
 Immigration
 Chain Migration
 Return Migration
 Seasonal Migration
 Population Transfer
 Impelled Migration
People Who Migrate
 Emigrant
 Immigrant
 Refugee
 Internally Displaced
Person (IDP)
 Migration Stream
Other Words to Know
 Alien: A person who is not a citizen of the United States.
 Assimilation: The way that someone who comes from a
foreign land or culture becomes absorbed into a culture
and learns to blend into the ways of its predominant, or
main, society.
 Asylum: A form of protection that allows individuals
who are in the U.S. to remain here.
 Discrimination: Unfair treatment based on racism or
other prejudices.
 Permanent Resident Status: Status given to those who
become legally recognized in the U.S. as a permanent
legal immigrant.
Migration is the result of
push or pull factors.
Push Factors
Factors that drive a
person/people to
move away from an
Pull Factors
Factors that draw a
person/people to
move to a certain area.
Reasons for Migration
Push Factors
Lack of religious freedom
Corrupt governments
Lack of opportunity
Poor education
Lack of religious freedom
Civil strife
Lack of medical care
Natural disasters
Pull Factors
 Opportunity
 Religious freedom or
freedom in general
 Higher standard of living
 Jobs
 Lower cost of living
 Medical care / medicine
 Safety/protection
 Fair or just government
“Oklahoma is My
Joel Menchaca, an undocumented immigrant from
Mexico, goes to school part time at Oklahoma State
University — Oklahoma City. To pay for his tuition and
other expenses, he does construction work and works a
part-time job at a McDonald's.
“Oklahoma is My
Push Factors
Pull Factors
 Needed medical attention
 A better life
 Father left
 Medical care
 Lack of opportunity
 Education
The Push-Pull Factor Talk Show
Overcrowding in the
America-A Melting Pot
Emma Lazarus
Lyndon B. Johnson
“Give me your tired, your
poor, Your huddled masses
yearning to breathe free, The
wretched refuse of your
teeming shore. Send these,
the homeless, tempesttossed, to me: I lift my lamp
beside the golden door.”
“The land flourished because
it was fed from so many
sources--because it was
nourished by so many
cultures and traditions and
Markel, Michelle. Brave Girl: Clara and the Shirtwaist
Makers’ Strike of 1909. Harper Collins Publishers:
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