our KS1 Christmas Carol Service 2012

Welcome to our KS1
Christmas Carol Service
Western CE Primary School
The Tale of the Donkey
By Milo Redican
One night in Rome, Mary and Joseph were packing their things
to go on a journey. They were going to travel to Bethlehem
because Joseph had to sign a register to show where he had
been born. I was asleep and cosy when suddenly the door
swung open and I saw Mary and Joseph standing there.
Joseph was putting on my reins. I tried to wriggle out of them
to stay in Rome but I couldn’t do it so I had to go.
It was a few days later and I was so tired I could just collapse,
but I had to keep going. Now it was getting darker and we
were nearly there. We needed to sleep, so we went to an inn
and guess what? The innkeeper said “There is no room at my
inn” so we had to try and find another inn. A few hours later
we had found another inn. We could not stay there but we
could go in to a stable. That night, Mary gave birth to a baby.
She named him Jesus. Wise men travelled far from the east to
see the baby. They each gave Jesus a gift. Shepherds came
to visit too and bought their sheep.
The Shepherd’s Story
By Arthur Key, Year 2
Hello, I am an ordinary shepherd on a hill. I
am excited because I saw a very bright star
but when I looked it was an angel.
The angel said, ‘Don’t be afraid, I have
good news’.
‘What?’ I said. ‘The king is born’. I was a
good shepherd so I followed the angel. It
said, ‘We are going to Bethlehem’.
Me and the angel were very tired. We said
good bye and I went on. Soon I was there
and I saw a lot of people gathering around.
The Shepherd’s Journey
By Bebe Elkins-Payne
Hi! My name is Katy the shepherdess. I’m here with my flock of
sheep. I was in the nativity story. I was bringing my flock together
when suddenly there was a light all around and in it’s place there
was a chorus of angels. I said “Who are you?” the angel said “ I
am Angel Gabriel and I bring you good news.” Then I said “What’s
the news? What’s the news? With that the angel replied “A very
special baby has been born for you.” So we set off on a very long
journey to see the baby.
When we were about half way we stopped at a river to drink and
catch fish to eat then we carried on walking. At last we arrived in
Bethlehem. We saw a little stable so we went in. We were just in
time to see the new king being born. I was so amazed that a king
would be born in a stable. I was expecting him to be born in a
grand palace. I was determined to get a closer look at the baby.
It Started With A Baby
By Marian Swinger
It started with a baby
And a manger soft with hay.
It started with three Kings
Who came from far away.
Toddlers wait for Father Christmas
With his reindeer and his sleigh,
Christmas cards are posted
And, on Christmas day,
It started with some shepherds
Who saw angels tall and bright.
It started with a brilliant star
Which filled the skies with light.
There’s the opening of the presents,
And the Christmas games and fun,
But, later on, at bedtime
When Christmas day is done
Now Christmas trees are sparkling
And the shops are filled with toys
Which will shortly be delivered
to happy girls and boys.
Remember how it started,
With a baby, in the hay
In a manger, in a stable
Two thousand years away.
The Sheep’s Story
By Shubhashukla Chakrabarty, Year 2
Hello, I’m a sheep, with an amazing story to tell. Two days ago
when I was eating grass, suddenly I saw a bright light and it
sang, ‘A baby is born, a baby is born’. I got scared, then I
remembered that a glowing light that sings is an angel. Then
with a flash it turned into a bright star, but not any bright star
the brightest star. Then I saw the three shepherds, they were
clapping and singing, ‘Follow that star, follow that star.’ Then
one of them pointed at the star they were talking about. I
looked closely; it was the star that was actually an angel. Well
before it turned into a star and with a blink the three
shepherds were gone. I followed them; it seemed that it might
be fun. So off we went to Bethlehem. It was so crowded I got
lost five times but I found them. Then we reached a stable, I
saw five other sheep, four cows and two people. One was a
lady and the other was a man and of course a baby. Then the
shepherds started to talk with the lady and the man. After five
minutes three wise men came and then they all talked
together. One of the cows was staring at me; it was scary so I
went outside. I went to the back, I saw a big crack. I looked
through the crack. I could see everything.
Twinkle Twinkle
By Patrick Saylis
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
Bring the Wise Men from afar.
Lead them safely to the stable,
Show them Jesus if you’re able.
Twinkle, twinkle, up so high,
Shine on shepherds from the sky
Let them see dear Jesus’ glory,
Let them know the Christmas story.
Twinkle, twinkle, new and bright,
On this special Christmas night.
Shine on angels as they sing,
Glory to the new-born King!
Gabriel’s Story
by Freya Thomas, Year 2
Hello, I am Gabriel from the first
Christmas story. God told me that I had
to give good news to Mary and
Joseph. When I gave Mary the news I
told her that everything was ok. She
believed me so she listened to me. I
told her the news. I think she was
scared in fact I know she was but she
was very calm about it.
The King’s Story
By Sam Davis, Year 2
It started when I was gazing at the
stars and just then I saw a bright star. I
decided to follow it because it looked
important. I went for days and days. I
was hungry and thirsty but I carried on
until I found a baby. He was the King
of the World.
The Camel’s Long Walk
By Charlie Hawes
One cold night, I was walking to a stable to where a
special baby had been born. It was a long walk
and I was hungry and tired. The ground was rough
and bumpy. Suddenly I saw a bright star shining in
front of me. The Wise Man I was carrying saw it too.
We followed the star to the stable. It took a very
long time to get to Bethlehem, then I saw a river and
a cactus. That meant we were almost there to see
the new born king. We found the stable where the
king had been born. He was asleep in a manger.
The wise men gave Jesus gifts of gold, frankincense
and myrrh.
Follow That Star
A King’s Tale by Calum Emmans
I had been travelling 3 nights and 3 days to
reach Bethlehem. The weather was snowy and
frosty and I was very cold. The road was sandy
and dusty. We only stopped to rest 3 times.
When we got to Bethlehem there were crowds
all around a stable. I saw shepherd’s and
sheep. I knew that this was the end of my
journey. The star was shining brightly over the
stable. There was the baby. He was lord over
all the earth. His name was Jesus.
Year 1’s Star Thoughts
• “Stars make my heart feel good.” Alfie
• “Stars remind me of when Jesus was
born.” Joseph
• “Stars make me think about my dreams.”
• “Stars make me think of God because
they’re nice and bright.” Oliver B
remind me of the shepherds
leaving their sheep on the fields and the
Wise Men following the star.” Laura
•“Stars make me feel Jesus.” Jack
•“Stars remind you that God created the
world and the whole planet.” Clara
•“Stars make me think of baby Jesus
being born.” Anna
•“Stars make me think of when my
Great Granny died.” Orlando
• “Stars make me feel excited because they
are glittery.” Tamara
• “When I look at the stars they make me
feel sparkly inside.” Katya
• “When I am sleeping in my bed, I dream
about the stars.” Simeon
• “Stars make me think of my baby sister
because she’s warm and cuddly.” Joe
• “Stars make me think of people travelling
to Bethlehem.” Monty
•“Stars remind me of the colours of the
rainbow.” Freddie
•“Stars make me think of the cross Jesus died
on.” Eva
•“Stars make me think of God sending the
angel to Mary.” Sophie
•“Stars make me think of Father Christmas
because he drives a sleigh in the sky and sees
lots of stars.” Elsie
•“Stars make me smile because they glisten.”
Toby J
• “Stars remind me of happy times in my life.”
Toby M-G
• “Stars make me feel happy because they’re
shiny.” Lauren
• “Stars make me feel good because when they
look at me they’re bright.” Tom
• “When I look at the stars they remind me of
when I was a baby.” Sofia
• “Stars make me want to glide with them.”
Our Wishes for the World
By Year 1
• “I wish that everyone had the same amount
of food and water and the same amount of
money.” Ben K
• “I wish that there could be peace in the
world. I also wish that everyone could have a
good life.” Jess P
• “I wish that everyone in the world was kind,
helpful, peaceful and happy.” Tamara
• “I wish that people could be friends.” Ruby
• “I wish that all the people in the world could
get everything they wanted.” Charlotte
• “I wish that everyone was kind. Also I wish
that everyone had what they need.” Jessie A
• “I wish that everyone was friends. I wish that
we were sharing and kind. I wish there really
was peace.” Ben C
• “I wish that there weren’t any baddies.”
Oliver M
• I wish that everyone was truthful and caring
to each other.” Katya
•“I wish that everyone played with each other.”
•“I wish that everyone did care for each other. I
also wish that everyone was not poor.” Lauren
•“I wish that the world was peaceful and quiet
and that everyone had a good heart.” Toby J
•“I wish that everyone in the world could have
what they want and what they like.” Sofia
•“I wish everyone was kind and gentle. I wish
that everyone was good.” Isla
• “I wish that all the world could have a card
to cheer them up every morning.” Alfie
• “I wish that the world was calm. I wish that
everyone had a good attitude.” Marlene
• “I wish that everyone was friendly. I wish that
everyone loved each other.” Joseph
• “I wish that everyone did ‘Wake up, Shake up.’ I
wish that everyone had brain games.” Oliver B
• “I wish that everyone cared about animals. I
wish that everyone was kind.” Amelie
• “I wish that everyone could worship to God.”
• “I wish that everyone had a peaceful home and
what they need. I wish we have what we dream
of.” Isabella
• “I wish that everyone was kind to other people. I
wish that everyone was good.” Joe
• “I wish the world could have more countries to
go to.” Jake
• “I wished everyone liked each other.” Lotta
• “I wish that everyone was kind. I wish
everyone was happy all the time.” Rachel
• “I wish that everyone had the same amount
of money. I wish that everyone had the
same amount of food.” Toby M-G
• “I wish that everyday there was a rainbow.”
• “I wish that everyone had good dreams.”
• “I wish that everyone would be friendly.” Tom
• “I wish that everyone in the world could be
friends to each other.” Louise
• “I wish that everyone had lots of food”. Oliver
• “I wish that no one died in the whole wide
world.” Ollie and Stephen
“I wish that the war stopped in Egypt.” Tristan
• “I wish that everyone would stop wars.”
• “I wish that everyone could have
vegetables to eat and be healthy.” Mimi
and Poppy
“I wish that everyone had a bed, food
and water.” Monty
• “I wish that everyone had food.” Frankie
and Tristan M
• “I wish that everyone was good and no
one was poorly.” Freya
• “I wish that everyone had a home.”
• “I wish that everyone could be invisible
and that there was no gravity.” Skye
• “I wish that everyone was happy and
healthy.” Laura and Isabella
• “I wish that everyone in the world was
happy.” Jack
• “I wish that nobody killed animals and all
the rainbows were sparkly.” Bianca
• “I wish everyone was healthy and not
poorly.” Sophie
• “I wish that everyone in the whole wide
world had more food to eat.” Clara
• “I wish that everyone had a house and
everyone was good.” Elsie
• “I wish that everyone in the world was
not poor and nobody killed animals.” Vlad
• “I wish that everyone had happiness.”
• “I wish that everyone in the world had a
The Barn
By Elizabeth Coatsworth
‘I am tired of this barn!’ said the colt.
‘And every day it snows.
Outside there’s no grass any more
And icicles grow on my nose.
I am tired of hearing the cows
Breathing and talking together.
I am sick of these clucking hens.
I hate stables and cold winter weather!’
‘And sheep? asked the colt. ‘Yes, sheep,
And a pig and a goat and a hen.
All the beasts of the barnyard,
The usual servants of men
And into their midst came a lady
And she was cold as death,
But the animals leaned above her
And made her warm with their breath.
‘Hush, little colt,’ said the mare.
‘And a story I will tell
Of a barn like this one of ours
And the wonders that there befell
It was weather much like this,
And the beasts stood as we stand now
In the warm good dark of the barn
A horse and an ass and a cow’.
There was her baby born
And laid to sleep in the hay
While music flooded the rafters
And the barn was as light as day.
And angels and kings and shepherds
Came to worship the babe from afar,
But we looked at him first of all creatures
By the bright strange light of a star!’
We hope you enjoyed our Carol Service
and wish you all a Happy Christmas.
In association with St. Paul’s there will
be a collection for the Winchester
Night Shelter and St Martins in the
Fields, Trafalgar Square both of
whom work with the homeless.
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