The Story of Babushka
My house is the
cleanest in all of
“All this fuss for a star! I
haven’t time to look. I’m
so behind I must work all
“No, I’m sorry, there is just so
much to do – clearing dishes,
washing up, sweeping the
house. And I don’t have
anything to give a baby king.”
“I have lots of toys in
this cupboard. But
goodness! How dusty
they are. I must clean
them up!”
“Oh my goodness!
Look at the time. I
must hurry to
catch up with the
“Oh yes, they were
here two days ago. The
baby was in the stable
because the Inn was
full. Shall I show you?”
“Now I must catch up with the
other shepherds – we’re going
to Bethlehem to see the new
baby king!”
“I was
running to
to see the
new king
and my dolly
fell out of
my pocket!”
“Thank you Babushka”
“Thank you Babushka”
“Is he here?”
“Is he here?”