The Jilting of Granny Weatherall

The Jilting of Granny
Granny Weatherall is sick and Doctor Harry
has come to check on her. She is so sick that
she is getting disoriented, and feeling like her
bones are loose. Doctor Harry seems to be
floating around her.
Granny is nearly 80 years old.
Granny doesn’t seem to realize how sick she
As she lays in bed, Granny begins to think of things
she needs to do the next day, which includes hiding
love letters to and from two former boyfriends.
Granny is very upset with her daughter, Cornelia
because she thinks that Cornelia treats her like a
As she thinks about her younger years, she seems
proud of the work she did—cleaning house and
caring for her children.
Granny thinks of her husband John, who
apparently died many years before. She wants
to see him and make sure that he knows what a
good job she did after he died, but she’s afraid
he won’t recognize her.
Through her thoughts, we find that sixty years
before, Granny had been left at the altar by the
man she thought she would marry.
Granny desperately wants to see Hapsy, maybe
this is one of her children who lives far away,
or is dead and will welcome her to the afterlife.
She decides she wants to see George again, the
man that jilted her, and tell him that she forgot
about him and that she moved on and had a
great life despite what he did to her.
Cornelia brings a priest to her mother for a
final confession before she dies.
As Granny gets closer to dying, her thoughts
come faster and more random. She feels that
she is not ready to die because there are so
many things she didn’t take care of.
Granny finally gives in to the over-powering
feeling, curling her body inward, and “blew
out the light.”
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