Gangsta Granny

My book is called
'Gangsta Granny' by
David Walliams.
I've chosen to read this book because the name really stands
out and I've heard good comments about it.
There are two MAIN characters one's a boy called Ben and
the other one is Granny.I like to read this book because it's
funny, happy and doesn't get boring.I would recommend this
book to people aged 8 to 18 because some of the words
would be hard for little children and also because I think older
people would find it more interesting.I would give this book a
five star rating.
That's all I can tell you at the moment because it's for me to
know and for you to find out but there's also several other
books written by David Walliams like, Ratburger, Mr Stink,
Billionaire Boy and The Boy in the Dress. David Walliams
books have made me enjoy reading because before this I
never found reading fun, so get reading his books fast!