12Success(1) - Connecting From Home

12 Success Factors
What separates Melaleuca from the
MLM industry
Executive Director IV
Rosemary Brandrick
The goal in any home business
should be to build a
reliable, residual income
Success Factor #1:
Proven Company Track Record
Most companies, whether home business or
traditional business, fail within the first 5
Melaleuca has had 25+ years of consistent
Success Factor #2:
Financially Sound
Melaleuca is a debt free company
Melaleuca has never been a day late in
sending commissions or profit sharing
Melaleuca is a privately held company with a
4A1 financial rating with Dun & Bradstreet
Success Factor #3:
Strong Management
Melaleuca’s corporate leaders come from Fortune 500
companies like ADT, Revlon, Schick, Ohio Bell, Gillette,
Procter & Gamble, Cox Communications and UPS
Sound business minds running the company
Melaleuca’s management team is principle centered and
mission driven
There is no “hype” – CEO Frank L. VanderSloot has vision –
“Built on Solid Principles”
CEO Frank L. VanderSloot:
Board of Ethics of the Direct Sales Association, past
Regional Vice-Chairman Washington Chamber of
Commerce, 1998 Idaho Business Leader of the Year
and 2001 & 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year
Success Factor #4:
Unique Consumable Products
Melaleuca manufactures superior quality, safer products
protected by trade secrets, proprietary formulas and
Products that can only be obtained through
No need to “create the need to buy” – it’s already there!
Melaleuca manufactures products that people are already
buying. There is no “new money” being spent since people
are already spending money on these types of
products/services somewhere
Monthly consumption of household basic necessity
products is what creates true residual income
Success Factor #5:
Competitively Priced
Melaleuca’s price point/comparison is equal
to or lower than supermarkets
Smart economics – great value in being a
Melaleuca manufactures all of its own
Complete control – American made
Recession proof
Success Factor #6:
High Monthly Re-Order Rate
Over 300 products that consumers can
choose from creates residual income
Customers are more likely to order over &
over if there is enough value/savings
Documented 95% monthly re-order rate
Melaleuca Marketing Executives are proud to
show their business reports
Success Factor #7:
Low Personal Production Requirement
No “new money” is being spent
Everyone can be a customer
Something the “80%’ers” can easily do
Success Factor #8:
Low Entry Fee
Melaleuca membership is just $29
Enroller is not paid a bonus on the
membership fee
You can get started right away – no
Success Factor #9:
Low Attrition
Melaleuca is not a “sign up” game
Customers will stay loyal as long as there is
perceived value
60% of business is brand loyal customers
which means a stable, residual income on
repeat business
Melaleuca vs. “MLM” turnover rates
Success Factor #10:
Melaleuca is still the best kept secret!
Less than 10% of North Americans have
even heard of Melaleuca
No bad news – no one gets hurt
We are a green company, environmentally
conscious – we were manufacturing
responsibly long before it was popular
Sitting squarely in the driver’s seat of supply
& demand
Success Factor #11:
No Breakways or Binaries
Never penalized for enrolling someone who
has more success than you
Your organization can never be taken away
from you
Many MLM companies use a binary comp
plan. This really goes against traditional
business principles since they reward the
Melaleuca has no hoops to jump through –
no games
Success Factor #12:
No Risk At Melaleuca
Everything is fully refundable
No one can get hurt
Melaleuca offers a safe home for everyone
Something the “80%’ ers” can win at
Which one of these 12 success factors would
you be willing to take off the page and still
throw your time, energy and reputation into?
Now you see why
“All roads lead to Melaleuca”