Importance of Posture when Building a Melaleuca Business

By: Maura K. Iacoboni, RN
Executive Director
“It becomes easy to build this business when
you know what you know.” – Ed Bestoso,
Corporate Director VI
“It’s ok to say no, just know what you are
saying no to.” – Kim Cherveny, Corporate
Director III
“Some will, some won’t…next!” – Kelli Anders
Executive Director
“It’s their LUCKY DAY when I call or approach
them!” Leslie Kaminski, Senior Director V
Why I have confidence and posture when
speaking with people about Melaleuca:
◦ My story
What is your story?
 Your belief in Melaleuca and Yourself
 Others see in us what we see in
 Are you happy, upbeat, positive?
 Are you concerned about others? Do
you care?
People are attracted to positive, upbeat,
happy people.
Our attitude, not aptitude, determines our
Your attitude will determine how far you go
in this business.
Develop a “thick skin.” Learn to deflect the
negativity when dealing with a negative
person. Do not take it personally, it is an
issue with them, not you. The time may not
be right for them.
Be proud that you work with the BEST
Company in the entire World!
See yourself picking out your Senior Director
car, and showing it to your family and
See yourself writing that last mortgage
payment! (and Frank coming to your house
for a mortgage burning party).
See yourself walking across stage at
Convention and receiving your Corporate
Director bonus check! (and it’s a BIG one!)
This can all be a reality if you BELIEVE in
YOURSELF! You know Melaleuca is incredible,
now work on getting that across to everyone
you come into contact with. Always be polite;
never pushy.
When making phone calls or approaching:
Stand up straight
Put a smile on your face; be happy and energetic
Keep it short and sweet
Remember this conversation could change their life
Remember, this is no Mary Kay Business, Pampered
Chef Business, or jewelry business.
Remember, Melaleuca will improve their health, and
their finances also if they choose to build a
You are not “bothering” them; this is their LUCKY
I listen to my favorite music just before a call or
presentation. It makes me feel powerful.
It’s your decision. You have everything you
need. Speak from the heart. Don’t be afraid,
be CONFIDENT – you’ve got it, you are a
smart person. Don’t let anyone or anything
stand in your way! You decide your destiny.
What is the legacy you will leave? Care about
others more than you care about yourself.
Make the best decision of your life, and have
a great time building your Melaleuca
I think I’m going to go make some calls!!!