Homesteads.1014.Part_1 (1)

The Original
Ingalls Homesteads
Information taken from the
Genealogy and History of
the Jacob Ingalls Family
and compiled by
Alliene Applebee (photographer),
Marjorie Winans Dedie,
Paige Ingalls and Walter Ingalls
October 18, 2014
Jacob Ingalls
married Susannah Goff
on October 9, 1793
They settled in
Lambs Corners, NY,
in 1793,
at 202 Elm Lane.
Jacob first built a log cabin on
this knoll, to the west of the
barns and house that would
come later.
Jacob Ingalls’ home “then”
Jacob Ingalls’ home “now,”
in 2014.
Jacob and Susannah (Goff)
had five sons:
I. Enoch Ingalls—
Moved to Wisconsin in 1850.
II. Henry Ingalls—
Lived on the
Jacob Ingalls Homestead.
III. John Ingalls—
Lived on a farm adjacent to the
Jacob Ingalls Homestead,
just south of Lambs Corners,
at 393 County Route 409.
A photograph of the original
farm could not be found.
John Ingalls’ home “now,”
in 2014.
IV. Truman Ingalls—
Lived on the farm once known
as the “Harrison Ingalls Place”
in Albany County,
at 478 County Route 403,
Lambs Corners, NY.
“now, in 2014”
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